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The largest fish ever caught was a great white shark captured off the coast of southern Australia by Alf Dean in 1959. It weighed 2,664 pounds.


The largest living lobe-finned fish is the coelacanth. The average weight of the living West ... A specimen caught in 1885 of 7.6 m (25 ft) in length weighed 275 kg (606 lb). The longest ... This species is certainly the largest bony fish ever and perhaps the largest non-cetacean marine animal to have ever existed. Estimates of ...


Jan 2, 2015 ... The largest fish ever caught and approved as IGFA all-tackle fishing world records.

Nov 27, 2016 ... From greenland sharks, to the Mekong Giant Catfish that was bigger than a grizzly bear, these are 11 BIGGEST Fish Ever Caught ! A 15 foot ...
Jun 7, 2016 ... Hey guys Bill here. There are some pretty big fish out there in the world but what are the biggest of the big that have been landed by anglers.


May 31, 2014 ... UPDATE: Fisherman all over the world continue to keep their beer-weary eyes on the biggest fish ever caught. That's as true today as it was in ...


Apr 3, 2017 ... These 11 succeeded in catching some of the biggest fish ever caught. That is the part of fishing that intrigues so many: that next cast could be ...


Jun 12, 2016 ... All-tackle fishing records that may never fall. ... igfa records, record fish, world record fish, biggest fish, fishing records,. Cabo Blanco, Peru ...


Mar 29, 2016 ... The Codfather: Fisherman Bert Williams has landed a 93lbs cod that has set a new British record for the biggest cod ever caught by a British ...


The 5 Largest Fish Ever Caught Based on IGFA Official Records | Find Out the World Record for The Largest Bass, Catfish, Swordfish, Marlin and Tuna.