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Products marketed under the Eureka! brand include tents, canopies, .... known to have used Eureka! tents over the years include Sir Edmund Hillary on a ... and his team of explorers “could hav... I Get a Hillary Tent Instruction Manual&v=99b2luAajmk
Jun 5, 2011 ... I need to purchase replacement poles for the tent at :16 (9x11 Cottage Tent: Model #308.771860). Any ideas where I can find some?

How to Assemble a Hillary Tent | eHow

Hillary tents are manufactured by three different tent companies and sold by ... Find a level, dry surface large enough to place your tent on and then decide ... Carefully studying the directions before you set up your tent will go a long way, .

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Shop for WENZEL SIR EDMUND HILLARY TENT repair parts for model 77014 at Sears PartsDirect. Find parts, manuals & diagrams for any WENZEL Tents repair project. ... Can't locate your model number? Use our finder Use our model ...

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Get Manuals; Support; See Prices Buy or Upgrade. Anchor Hocking Glass Tent Manuals. Get Manuals; Support ... Tents Tent Manuals. Get Manuals; Support

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It's a great tent, but I have no poles, diagram, or manual. .... I didn't know anything about this tent but it will get a lot of use in mild to three season ... Dew on these new tents is like a major storm for our old trusty Hillary..never will I get rid of it!

Where to find a owners manual for hillary tent model 308 711080

Where can you find a marlin model 120 shotgun owners manual? A guy on ... What are the dimensions of a Hillary cabin tent model 308.770140? its 12ft x 9ft ...

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instrutions for a hillary tent Tent with windows - Sport & Outdoor question. ... I have an Outbound Sierra-1 tent with no instructions for putting it up, can you help ? Jul 31, 2011 ... Where can I get an installation manual on line for.

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Aug 8, 2011 ... I have a Hillary tent, that we have lost ALL the poles for! where do i get ... Buying all the poles will cost a bit as well, probably not to far off from a new tent. ... Hillary tents are made for Sears by at least two companies: Wenzel ... Look on your tent's manual, tag on the inside of the tent, and/or carry bag f... : Texsport 14100 5/16 Tent Pole Replacement Kit ...

can i connect poles together to make an x-frame for my tent? ... Make sure it is the same size of your Hillary tent pole. .... it gently in my bench vise, then per the directions used a hacksaw to alternately cut, rotate the pole, then continue the cut , ...

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SEARS HILLARY 308.770140 OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download.

Hillary 308.770140 Tent pdf manual download. ... OWNER'S MhNUAL SF_RS 308.770140 • safety rules • assembly • care ... far your tent will be totuld on _e oofl_!mienoe pocks1s_ on the ir_ide of the tent, ... Problems Solved If You Have.

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Hillary tents are manufactured by several overseas companies and sold through ... Several models have multiple rooms and can sleep up to eight people. ... than five tent poles but the poles will fit in diagonal directions and in the windows.

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You will still receive an expert response from our team shortly. ... able to locate a manual or any information, other than possible manufacturers for Hillary tents.

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You can find all kinds of tents, new or used, or even in a discounted rate also. ... You can get tent manual from the manufacturers to help you replace the parts.

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Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a Hillary Tent MO # 308732050, and can't locate the set up instructions in my garage.