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Why does my car shake when I slow down? | Reference.com


CarsDirect.com explains that when a vehicle shakes as it slows down and the brakes are applied, worn brake rotors or unevenly worn pads are likely culprits.

Is Your Car Shaking? 3 Common Problems That Cause Cars to ...


Feb 19, 2013 ... The most common reasons for a car shaking are related to the brakes ... and not the 4th tire and it makes a wobbling noise when I slow down ...

Mercury Milan Questions - Car vibrates when slowing down and ...


Dec 29, 2014 ... Car vibrates when slowing down and stopped - It doesn't seem to vibrate when I drive only when my car slows down and stops. I'm hoping that I ...

Car engine shakes while slowing down - Maintenance/Repairs - Car ...


Dec 22, 2015 ... Overall the car runs well without any trouble. Recently I am noticing that if I suddenly slow down (like taking an exit from interstate or sudden ...

What Causes a Car to Shake? | YourMechanic Advice


Dec 4, 2015 ... You're driving down the interstate, and as you come up to cruising speed, the steering wheel starts to vibrate in your hands. ... What causes your car to shake? ... of your vibration if it only shows up when you are decelerating.

Why does my steering wheel shake while braking? | City Auto Clinic


If your steering wheel shakes when you brake, you probably have an issue with your brake rotors. ... applying the brake pedal, the possible causes are narrowed down quite a bit! .... My steering wheel shims alot when I need to slow down going at high speed only. ... Why does my car die at stop lights and intersections?

Shuddering/Shaking when going slow in my car — Penny Arcade


Which is relatively typical, depending on the car transmission fluid / filter ... accelerating, but a batch of fresh oil will help slow that back down.

Steering Wheel Vibration: My Car Shakes While I'm Driving ...


Apr 23, 2015 ... Your car shakes while driving down the highway, the steering wheel ..... balance your tires and tell you to slow down :) I hope this helps, thanks ...

Suspension Vibration Diagnosis - Brake & Front End


Dec 1, 2005 ... If a customer says his car shakes or shudders after hitting a bump or on .... I slow down I hear and can feel the driver's side front tire shake.

Car Vibrates When Slowing Down - Car Talk - Nigeria - Nairaland


My colleagues car,a toyota camry '99 model jus started a problem,he workd on the gearbox(auto trans), thereafter the gear selects well whether ...

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Car Shakes and Steering Wheel Vibrates - Simple Car Answers


If your car shakes while driving down the road or the steering wheel vibrates, ..... and does not go away till you slow down, then three days later it evolved to ...

Why does your steering wheel shake when braking? | HowStuffWorks


Have you ever been cruising down the road with your car running smoothly, only to find that your steering wheel suddenly starts trembling like a hairless dog on ...

Tires 101 on Shakes and Wobbles:: Souza's Tire Service


... apply the brakes, the calipers squeeze the rotor to make the vehicle slow down . ... So if you car shakes at the same speed (or speeds) every time, tires are the ...