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Why does my car shake when I first turn it on? | Mechanical ...


The car only shakes when its been off for more than 8 hours. There are no .... 5 minutes later it started blinking so I turned around. I stopped by ...

Car shakes violently on startup - AnandTech Forums


After I turned the ignition switch to turn the car on, my car SHOOK violently. A spurting, mechanical sound accompanied the violent shaking.

Why Is My Car Shaking and What to Do About It? - EnkiVillage


It still tries to turn, but it wobbles. If your radiator fan is broken, this can be enough to make your car shake from side to side, especially when you are going at ...

Why Does my Car Shake a Few Seconds After Turning On? - Straight ...


Frequently (though not all the time), when I start the car, the engine runs fine for about two seconds, then the car will noticeably shake (you can ...

Top 5 Reasons Your Car Is Vibrating | HowStuffWorks


What's the cause of that shimmy and shake? See more car safety pictures. Thomas Northcut/ThinkStock. Own a car long enough and there's a good chance  ...

mazda - Car shaking on startup - Motor Vehicle Maintenance ...


Aug 29, 2014 ... The shaking mostly happens in the morning, when I first start the car up, .... Engine Turns Over Gets to 500rpm, Shakes, Then Loses Power ...

car-repair/5-causes-of-engine-vibration - CarsDirect


If the vehicle shakes violently or the engine vibrates excessively when ... or turn a consistent speeds which will result in strange sounds and vibrations from your ...

Why Is My Car Shaking and Vibrating? - Auto Repair - About.com


If your car is shaking, whether it's the steering wheel or something deeper, this ... your suspension tight while still allowing things to up and town and turn from ...

Why Is My Car Vibrating And Shaking? - Braun Automotive


Jul 3, 2014 ... If you feel your car vibrating or shaking, whether while idle or in motion, ... Left unchecked, this small problem could turn into a much bigger one.

Why Does My Car Wobble Around Corners? - Popular Mechanics


If your car vibrates while rounding corners going one direction but not the other, you ... In a sweeping left turn, the right rear wheel (at the outside of the curve) is ...

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Q: Car shakes when turning off?
A: time for a full tune up. it sounds like its 'dieseling' or running on after the spark is turned off. this can cause major engine problems and damage. it also so... Read More »
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Q: Why would car shake when turning right.
A: bad cv axle joint or tire out of balance could be a lot of things have your auto shop check it out. Read More »
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Q: What would make a car shake when turning on the a/c?
A: My car does a similar thing. I think it's just the alignment of the car, and when you turn on the AC it adds pressure to it. You can get your alignment fixed, b... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Car shakes when turned on. engine light starts blinking on and of...
A: If the check engine light is blinking that means an engine cylinder misfire has been. detected. Read More »
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Q: Car gauges shake when turning on car?
A: Well, voltage wise, you have a lot going on when your are cranking over the engine, so some flutter, or shake is normal. Read More »
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