Chod rig

The chod rig is a technique for carp fishing, generally regarded as having two main advantages: the way in which it allows a bait to be displayed over soft mud,  ... Fishing Rigs&v=ED58TfFEcqM
Oct 12, 2013 ... Double bottom bait big carp rig simply tied with a knotless knot with a modified inline lead that works as a semi fixed and running lead. Fishing Rigs&v=DLC13oCOcHA
Jul 19, 2013 ... Carp fishing can be complicated but in this video we show a simple rig and catch a nice carp. Cheap bait is also shown in this video, use it and ...

Carp Fishing rigs showing various tactics to help fool carp into feeding

Many different carp fishing rigs and methods to trick carp into your feed for beginner and advanced angler.
Carp are fun to catch while fishing and you can eat them. Here are some sites to show you how. More »

Beginners rigs – Where to start if you are beginning carp fishing

Feb 24, 2010 ... Carp fishing is all about confidence, confidence in your bait, tackle and rigs, in this article I want to cover some really basic rigs that I wish that I ...

Carp Fishing | Carp Fishing Rigs & Methods - Pondip Blog

Carp Fishing is one of the most technically advanced forms of recreational fishing known to man. Here are some carp fishing rigs & tips that might come handy!

Carp Rigs - Carp Fishing Rigs - Karp Hengel - Papgooi - Karp ...

Ready made Carp Fishing Rigs as well as Tips and Advice for specimen (big) carp angling & competitive carp angling. Karp Hengel Stroppe vir Papgooi.

- How to make your carp rigs more efficient | Tips | ACE - Advanced ...

It's no big secret that carp regularly get away with it; so the more we can do to convert pickups into fish on the bank the better. Here's a few little things I think ...

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carp fishing hair rig Hair rigs, safety rigs, bolt rigs, blowback rigs, stiff rigs, combi rigs, snowman rigs, anti eject rigs, etc, the list is almost endless with dozens of ...

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A: A disturbing aspect offering carp fishing in France on a commercial basis is the numbers of carp each year that end up dragging leaders and leads around the lak... Read More »
Q: Fishing How To Construct Safe Carp Fishing Rigs
A: * Boom section – Suffix Shock Leader material * Leader knot * Braided hook length * Size 6 Mugga hook * Silicone rubber * Hair tied KD style but flattened... Read More »
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A: Carp are catching on to traditional baiting so they are not as effective as they once were. This is where carp fishing rigs come in. Having and using the proper... Read More »
Q: Carp Fishing (Hair rig)?
A: it sounds like youre doing this wrong... you should not have a swivel near your hook, until about 6 inches or more away. everything ear the hook should be line.... Read More »