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The flag of the People's Republic of China is a red field charged in the canton with five golden stars. The design features one large star, with four smaller stars in ...

Rio 2016: Wrong Chinese flag used for second time during medal ...


Aug 23, 2016 ... China has reacted angrily after the wrong Chinese flag was raised by Rio officials for the second time at a medal ceremony.

Olympic Officials Apologize to China for Using the Wrong Flag | TIME


Aug 9, 2016 ... Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports/Reuters The American flag flies above the Chinese flags after Virginia Thrasher took the gold medal in the ...

Rio 2016 officials apologize to China for using wrong flag - CNN.com


Aug 8, 2016 ... Olympics officials in Rio have apologized after discovering they were raising an incorrect Chinese national flag during medal ceremonies.

China's fury after Rio Olympics 2016 used incorrect national flags ...


Aug 8, 2016 ... An incorrect version of the national flag have of China been repeatedly used at the Rio Olympics. The Chinese state media and internet users ...

Who is to blame? Flawed Chinese flag raised at Rio medal ...


Aug 8, 2016 ... Organisers of the Rio Olympics are trying to get supplies of the correct Chinese national flag after a flawed version was still being used at medal ...

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China's national flag was adopted in September, 1949. This flag was first flown in Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1949 - the day of the founding of the ...

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China flag colors - meaning/symbolism of National flag of China - pictures history facts - All about Chinese flag information for kids.

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Nov 17, 2015 ... The flag of China was officially adopted on October 1, 1949. The red of the Chinese flag symbolizes the communist revolution, and it's also the ...

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China flag symbols and official animal, bird, flag, flower, motto, nickname, seal, song, tree and more - by worldatlas.com.

The Flag of China
The flag of China has red with a large yellow five-pointed star and four smaller yellow five-pointed stars (arranged in a vertical arc toward the middle of the flag) in the upper hoist-side corner
National Anthem: Yiyongjun Jinxingqu (The March of the Volunteers)
Flag of:
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Rio 2016: Wrong flag repeat angers Chinese - BBC News - BBC.com


Aug 22, 2016 ... Chinese fans mystified how incorrect flag resurfaces during the medal ceremony for the nation's final gold.

Olympic Officials Apologize For Using Knock-Off Chinese Flags In ...


Aug 8, 2016 ... ... flags to the rafter during the medal ceremony. See those flags up there? Notice any differences between them and the real Chinese flag below?

The small mistake with Chinese flags used in Olympic medal ...


Aug 7, 2016 ... The flag of China features one large star, which represents the Communist Party, and four smaller stars that represent the people of China.