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July 2009. Crawfish Trap Design and Construction. Mark Shirley and C. Greg Lutz1. In recent years, annual harvests of 20 to 40 million pounds (9,000 to 18,000. Trap Plans&v=indYrv9Mqf4
Feb 22, 2014 ... The traps I use in Minnesota were not legal here in Louisiana so I needed ... That was a great video I will definitely be making some of these. Trap Plans&v=4cS_hCNWINQ
Jun 15, 2012 ... Make your own Crayfish traps if your in the north or Crawfish traps if your in ... this was very informative I started making a crawdad trap and got ...

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How to Make a Crayfish Trap. Crayfish are a Cajun delicacy and also make excellent fishing bait. Whether you're getting ready for dinner or your next fishing  ... Trap Plans&v=iQOlomkDvxI
Jan 6, 2013 ... I looked up some plans for a trap and had the stuff to make it in the garage. Fun time. hope to catch something soon.

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I have a love for metal detecting too. I have devoted some web pages to metal detecting but I confess there is not much time left from crawfish trap building to ...

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In this excellent 5 part video below BackyardBowyer shows you how to build a simple crayfish trap for Under five dollars using plastic hardware net, but this trap  ...

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How to Make a Crawfish Trap. This article will tell you how to make a crawfish/ crawdad trap from two 2-liter bottles. Cut the first bottle just above halfway.

Trapper Arne's crayfish traps catch more; Catching more crawfish ...

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Oct 21, 2008 ... Making a trap to catch crawfish is relatively simple. Mine is made from wire mesh of a small gauge that I dumpstered from a construction site.

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Q: How to Make a Crawfish Trap.
A: Things You'll Need. Roll of 1/4 inch hardware cloth. (screen with large openings). Compound tin snips or wire cutters. Fold and crimp retainers. Roll of 16 gage... Read More »
Q: How to Bait a Crawfish Trap.
A: Things You'll Need. Crawfish trap. Canned pet food or fish bait. Instructions. Anchor the crawfish trap using metal spikes - either about 2 feet past the edge o... Read More »
Q: How to Make a Crawfish Trap
A: 1 Cut the first bottle just above half way. Ad 2 Cut the second bottle few inches higher up than the first. 3 Unscrew the lid, and put the smaller of the two bo... Read More »
Q: What is the best crawfish trap?
A: Here's a square one Frabill.…. Here's a two-piece minnow trap. Throw some bait in it, and it'll catch not just minnows,... Read More »
Q: How To Make Square Crawfish Traps
A: There are a lot of seafood lovers out there who will eat lobster all day long and not bat an eye, but as soon as you mention crawfish, they turn up their noses.... Read More »