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Measuring/Calculating Yardage of Your Carpet - DaltonCarpet.com


One of the most common pitfalls when shopping for any carpet product is coming up ... Here's a simple formula for calculating your carpeting needs and cost:

Carpet Calculator & Flooring Calculator: How to Measure Carpet ...


Our STAINMASTER Flooring & Carpet Calculator helps you figure out just how much flooring you need. Learn how to measure carpet and floors.

Calculating the Amount of Carpet You Need - Dummies.com


Yardage Calculator - Carpet Cave


Carpet Cave is a floor covering discount outlet wholesaler of carpet, vinyl, laminate ... To begin, do a layout measurement of each room or area to be carpeted.

How to Figure Square Yards of Carpet | Home Guides | SF Gate


Making calculations for an irregular room may be a little challenging. If you want to carpet a room or replace existing carpeting, one of the first things you need to ...

Square Footage Calculator - Calculator Soup


Calculate square feet, meters or yards for flooring, carpet, or tiling projects. ... For other area shapes, see formulas below to calculate Area (ft<sup>2</sup>) = Square Footage ...

How Do I Calculate Carpet Square Footage? | Home Guides | SF Gate


Correctly calculating carpet square footage depends upon accurate measurements. Carpeting can add value to home, and is a relatively inexpensive way to ...

2016 Carpet Calculator | Material, Cost and Price Calculator


Use our carpet calculator to measure correctly and determine how much carpeting you need for hallways, stairs, or anywhere else.

Determining Length of Material Remaining on a Roll - Math Forum ...


Is there a mathematical formula to determine the length of material on a ... Carpet is Left? http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/56481.html ...

Calculator for Rolled Length of Roll of Material - Handy Math


An example of rolled material would be a rolled carpet or a rolled sheet of paper from the paper mill. The length ... Values to be Entered, Values to be Calculated.

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How to Measure for Carpet in 4 Simple Steps - CarpetProfessor.com


Learn how to measure your own home for carpet! ... be surprised if you are quoted 5 to 10% more or less than you calculated here and using my yardage chart.

How to Measure a Roll of Carpet: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


Use the mathematical equation that allows you to find the area of the carpet to figure out these numbers. This equation for area is Pi times r^2. Pi is equal to ...

How do you calculate the area of a carpet? | Reference.com


To find the area of a room for carpeting, you need a measuring tape and a. ... area of the six sides that cover it, and it is calculated by using the formula A = 6a^ 2.