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Detective Raimy Sullivan has carried around pain and resentment over her father's death for 20 years, believing NYPD Officer Frank Sullivan was corrupted during an undercover sting and got himself killed... More>>
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Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time. It is also referred to as temporal frequency, which emphasizes the contrast to spatial ...


Crime · An accidental cross-time radio link connects father and son across 30 years. The son tries to save his father's life, but then must fix the consequences.


Drama · A police detective in 2016 discovers that she is able to communicate with her father via a ham radio, despite the fact that he died in 1996.


Frequency describes the number of waves that pass a fixed place in a given ... So if the time it takes for a wave to pass is is 1/2 second, the frequency is 2 per ...


Frequency definition, Also, frequence. the state or fact of being frequent; frequent occurrence: We are alarmed by the frequency of fires in the neighborhood.


For an oscillating or varying current, frequency is the number of complete cycles per second in alternating current direction. The standard unit of freq...


Define frequency: the fact or condition of occurring frequently — frequency in a sentence.


frequency: in physics, the number of waves that pass a fixed point in unit time; also, the number of cycles or vibrations undergone during one unit of time by a ...


Jan 25, 2017 ... The official site of Frequency on The CW. ... Inside Frequency: Signal Loss (Ep. 113) · Inside Frequency: Harmonic (Ep.112) · Inside Frequency: ...