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... it is in the buildings of cathedrals and great churches that Gothic architecture ...

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The original Gothic style was actually developed to bring sunshine into people's lives, and especially into their churches. To get past the accrued definitions of ...

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Researching the characteristics of gothic architecture? Well, the gothic style transformed castles, churches, cathedrals and pretty much the whole of Europe!

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Gothic church architecture in Medieval England developed from Norman architecture. 'Gothic architecture' is the term used to describe building styles between ...

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Jan 17, 2014 ... Late Gothic (15th-century) architecture reached its height in Germany's vaulted hall churches. Other late Gothic styles include the British ...

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There is no better evidence of the quality of Christian art during the Middle Ages, than the Gothic cathedral.

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Known for its pointed arches, flying buttresses, and detailed tracery, Gothic architecture emerged in 12th-century northern France and the style continued into the ...

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In the south, people had been building churches in the Romanesque style, but for these new churches, the architects wanted a new style, which we call Gothic.

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The origin of Gothic cathedrals and architecture was started by the abby church of Saint Denis, which was a vision of Abbot Suger, who also invented the form of  ...

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The style of architecture we now call Gothic first emerged in northern France in around 1140. It evolved during the construction of great churches in the Paris ...