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Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to shed excess pounds without counting calories or spending numerous hours in a gym. You can quickly lose weight by ...


For 13 year-old girls just entering high school it can make everyday life downright daunting. If you'd like to lose your belly fat, you have to lose weight all over.


How to lose weight fast for teenage girls — there has to be a way of letting you know, helping ... Sports are a marvelous way to make and keep like-minded friends, and to stay fit (or lose weight). ... Am I suggesting that you stop eating junk food.


There are no safe, quick, easy ways to lose weight and very few unsafe ways to do it. Your health or even life can be placed in danger if you do it wrong.<br />


I'm 13, and I weigh about 90-92 pounds, and I would like to lose weight. I walk and run everyday, I do gymnastics every day, and I ride my bike every day. But still ...

Jun 22, 2014 ... About 260 pounds/LBS ONLY 13 years old How TO lose weight FAST ... you'are 13 year old girl and about 5'8 and weigh around 260 pounds/lbs, and want to know how .... I am 13, 204 lb's. what should I do? starve myself???
Mar 13, 2012 ... I am 13 and I am 170 and I am now starting to lose weight I do not like being overweight I have to suck in my stomach when I go to school and I ...


Losing weight at your age may result in some bad effects. First of all, I want to make sure that .... I am very curious why you feel you need to lose weight.


Here's an easy guide on how to lose weight easily for preteens. ... For example, if you want pancakes and yogurt, give yourself three pancakes, a cup of low-fat ...