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Limber tail syndrome


Limber tail syndrome, or acute caudal myopathy, is a disorder of the muscles in the tail, usually affecting working dogs. An injury occurring mostly in sporting or ...

Surprisingly Common Dog and Cat Tail Injuries - Vetstreet


Oct 14, 2013 ... Your pet's tail says a lot about his state of mind, but it's also vulnerable to injury. Dr. Marty Becker explains how to treat dog and cat tail injuries.

Limber Tail Syndrome - Whole Dog Journal Article


The muscle injury of limber tail is characterized by a markedly limp tail, which can ... In some dogs, the tail may stick out a couple of inches before drooping; ...

Treating Dog Tail Injuries - Vetinfo.com


Dog tail injuries are common, and can be quite scary; your dog's tail enjoys a large amount of blood flow, so a bite wound or other laceration to it can cause a lot ...

About Tail Injury in Dogs - Pets


Your dog's tail is part of his personality, like a person's smile. Injuries range from minor problems you can treat yourself to emergencies requiring a trip to the ...

Dog Broken Tail: Symptoms And Help - DogsAholic


What are the usual symptoms and causes? What are the common tail injuries? What to do when your dogs' tail is broken? How to take care of dog's broken tale?

Vet offers options for treating tail injuries - Dog's Best Life online ...


Mar 13, 2013 ... By Christie Long. Tail injuries, while certainly not the most life-threatening and serious problems I see, can be extremely frustrating. Dogs and ...

Limber Tail Syndrome - Dog Breed Information Center


Limber Tail Syndrome results from an injury to the base of a dog's tail. It is a very painful condition that usually requires rest and a vet visit to get some ...

Limber Tail Syndrome: Why is My Dog's Tail Limp?


Dec 14, 2014 ... Learn about the dogs that get limber tail and why. ... While a limp tail can indicate an actual broken bone or spinal injury or other problem, the ...

A Lesson in Limber Tail - Ducks Unlimited


Most of the time, hunters can tell when their dog needs to stop, but this troublesome ... treat and prevent this painful tail injury affecting many sporting dogs.

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Q: Injured dog tail...at the bottom to end...great dane pitt mix so ...
A: You need to take him to the vet... they will probably give him oral antibiotics, take an x-ray and teach you to wrap the tail properly. Injuring the end of the ... Read More »
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Q: How to wrap my dogs injured tail?
A: Rubbing alcohol must have hurt him like the dickens. You should ask your vet what to clean it with. You should change the dressing twice daily. Read More »
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Q: How can i treat my dogs injured tail
A: If you cannot take your dog to a veterinarian for treatment, you'll need to be very careful that an infection does not occur. First, muzzle the dog. Pantyhose w... Read More »
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Q: How to Take Care of an Injured Dog.
A: Instructions. Purchase an Elizabethan collar (cone) for your dog if he's had surgery. The cone fits around a dog's neck and keeps him from licking or biting the... Read More »
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Q: Why Dogs Bites Their Tails.
A: One of the biggest causes of dogs biting their tails or anywhere else on their body is the presence of fleas or another biting insect. A dog cannot reach all of... Read More »
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