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Renaissance technology is the set of European artifacts and customs which span the Renaissance period, roughly the 14th through the 16th century. The era is marked by profound technical advancements...

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The Renaissance was a cultural movement that took place in Europe during the ... Some of the greatest inventions of all times were made during this period.

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Inventions of the Renaissance. clock.gif (1035 bytes) Clocks The first mechanical clock was invented in the early 1300's. With this invention time began to be ...

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Renaissance period ranging from AD 1300 to AD 1600 marks a period of human awakening in which the mankind leaped to the brighter modern era from the ...

10 Fascinating Inventions From The Italian Renaissance


Apr 8, 2016 ... The Italian Renaissance wasn't just about art – discover the era's most interesting inventions.

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Sep 21, 2011 ... The timeline of the inventions of the Renaissance period is given in this ... Although the time is better known for its artistic developments as ...

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New inventions, Social and cultural change, Renaissance and Reformation, SOSE: ... The telescope Galileo built could magnify things up to 30 times - ten times ...

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Aug 8, 2016 ... Renaissance was the transitional phase in Europe between the medieval and modern times. Inventions of this period proved to be the building ...

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Aug 3, 2011 ... Lesson 8 PBA: Inventions of the Renaissance Video By: Edward Wu During World History, we've learned about the Renaissance. This video ...

The Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci


Along with being a master artist, Leonardo da Vinci, a Renaissance Man in the truest sense, was also a ... Leonardo da Vinci: an Inventor Ahead of His Time.

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10 Inventions of the Renaissance, a timeline made with Timetoast's free interactive timeline making software.

Inventions of the Renaissance


Inventions of the Renaissance ... This made for better time keeping. ... With the invention of the printing press in the 1400's, the demand for eyeglasses increased ...

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Kids learn about science during the Renaissance. The inventions and technology of this time in history.