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There are new technologies for creating carp rigs, from special lines to different ... of your hook or combination hooks using a smell knot (see instructions below), ...

May 21, 2010 ... A very simple and cheap way of making a basic hair rig for fishing. http:// justbeenfishing.com.
Oct 12, 2013 ... Double bottom bait big carp rig simply tied with a knotless knot with a ... It's very simple and easy to make and ideally suited for use on any small estate ... for big carp and monster catfish in your own private 4 acre fishing lake.


These are the first Carp Fishing Rigs that any one wanting to make Rigs should ... your loop to prevent the bait from falling out while you are tying the Hair Rig.


A series of videos that'll help you put more carp on the bank! Paul Cooper shows you how to construct safe carp rigs.


A series of videos that'll help you put more carp on the bank! Paul Cooper shows you how to construct the ultimate pop-up rig. Note from Paul; " I didn't make it ...


The mechanics of your rig is something that is extremely important to understand if you ... Here's a few little things I think about when tying up my rigs - ... Many anglers are absolutely fixated about sharpening their own hooks and to be honest, ...


May 9, 2016 ... Not sure where to get started making your own carp rigs? Check out our step-by- step guide to making a simple hair rig to get you catching carp ...


How to make a single hook bait carp rig which is tangle-free and can be used with ... Here are some instructions on how I make my universal single bait rig.


Aug 26, 2015 ... Try this simply carp rig by Colin Davidson, the Angler's Mail ... Take a length of sinking rig tube and cut it off about 2 inches longer than your hook length. ... in turn, makes the fish rise to the surface enabling you to land it safely.