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The lance is a pole weapon or spear designed to be used by a mounted warrior or cavalry soldier (lancer). During the periods of classical and medieval warfare,  ...

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Feb 3, 2013 ... Lance is a medieval pole weapon or spear specially made to be used by mounted combatant. The lance facilitated the knight to take advantage ...

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May 11, 2014 ... MIDIEVAL WEAPONS AND COMBAT - The Lance (MIDDLE AGES BATTLE ... In medieval times men learnt how to use the lance through many ...

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Jousting Lance. Get Medieval facts, information and history via this Jousting Lance. Fast and accurate facts via the Jousting Lance, a Medieval King of England.

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Unlike the bow or spear, the sword is a purely military weapon, and this has made it symbolic of warfare or naked state power in many cultures. The names given ...

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Mar 26, 2006 ... Medieval guilds were assigned the task of making special fluted and hollow " break away" lances for the later tournaments. The lance for war ...

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Products 1 - 10 of 10 ... A fully turned poplar jousting lance, replicating designs used in the 15th century and first half of the 16th century. Designed to accept a.

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Medieval Weapons; Medieval Lance weapons; Lance weapon Jousting sticks; Knights Lance Weapon; Jousting Lance Weapon. Lance Weapon History, Images ...

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Inspired by medieval spears of the 1400s, the 13th Century Spear Head is an excellent spear crafting component for constructing your own custom spears.

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In Pluvinel's "Menaige Royal" of 1623, the proper size lance to use when jousting for rings or the quintain was 10 ft, 7 inches, much smaller than the lance used ...

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Jousting Lance - Medieval Life and Times


Jousting Lance! Get Medieval facts and information about weaponry, armor and arms including the Jousting Lance. Fast and accurate facts about the Jousting ...

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Visit this site dedicated to providing information about the Medieval Lance.Fast and accurate details about Medieval Lance.Learn about Medieval Lance.

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Medieval battles usually disintegrated into hundreds of such single combats. ... For one thing, the lance was a cheap weapon; for another, it did not require a ...