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In atomic physics, the Rutherford–Bohr model or Bohr model, introduced by Niels Bohr in 1913, ... The Bohr model of an atom was based upon Planck's quantum theory of radiation. ..... The c...

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May 14, 2013 ... Niels Bohr won a Nobel Prize for the idea that an atom is a small, ... what happens inside an atom and developed a picture of atomic structure.

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Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist who made fundamental contributions to understanding the structure of atoms and to the early development of quantum ...

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In 1913 Niels Bohr came to work in the laboratory of Ernest Rutherford. Rutherford, who had a few years earlier, discovered the planetary model of the atom asked Bohr to work on it ... Thus the final atomic model was yet to be developed.

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Like other scientists who contributed to the development of the atomic bomb, Bohr was ... The most famous, and arguably greatest, contribution that Niels Bohr made to science was in helping us to better understand the structure of the atom.

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Niels Bohr completely transformed our view of the atom and of the world. ... In both cases he turned his attention to the electron theory of metals. .... of the new quantum mechanics developed their ideas in Copenhagen under Bohr's leadership.

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Photo: Niels Bohr's research notes for his new atomic theory ... but his bold application of new ideas paved the way for the development of quantum mechanics.

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Building on the work of his mentor Ernest Rutherford, Bohr developed his own atomic model that clarified and expanded the field of quantum theory. This and ...

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The quantum theory of atomic processes was proposed by Niels Bohr in the year ... model for the atom called the "quantum mechanical model" was developed.

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This site explores discoveries related to atomic structure including the electron, ... 1922, Niels Bohr, Developed an explanation of atomic structure that underlies ...

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The discoveries of the electron and radioactivity at the end of the 19th century led to different models for the structure of the atom. In 1913, Niels Bohr proposed a ...

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In 1913 Bohr proposed his quantized shell model of the atom to explain how ... according to classical mechanics and electromagnetic theory, any charged ...

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Niels Bohr atomic model not only explained the structure of the Rydberg formula and its reasoning but also gave a clear acceptability for its disambiguated result ...