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Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into ... However, not all organisms that use light as a source of energy carry out photosynthesis; photoheterot...

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The organelle that carries out photosynthesis is the chloroplast. It contains chlorophyll ... Organelles called chloroplasts carry out the process of photosynthesis.



On the multicellular level, photosynthesis occurs in the leaves of plants. We will take ... Organisms that carry-out photosynthesis are like oxygen factories. At the ...



During photosynthesis, plant leaves take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. ... The tall palisade cells are packed with green chloroplasts, which carry out ...

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Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction that happens in the chloroplasts of plant cells. ... It is not just animals that respire – plants carry out respiration as well.

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More information on plants, carbon dioxide, and photosynthesis from the ... which ones do not need carbon dioxide, and do they still carry out photosynthesis?

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Photosynthesis is carried out by many different organisms, ranging from plants to bacteria. The best known form of photosynthesis is the one carried out by ...

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This process is carried out in specialized organelles called chloroplasts. ... of plants is their ability to conduct photosynthesis, in effect, to make their own food by ...

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Prokaryotes do not have chloroplasts (or any other organelles), though some can carry out photosynthesis, its cell acting like one big chloroplast. In most cases ...

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No, they don't. Fungi are heterotrophs, meaning they get their energy by breaking down organic molecules from other living things. Lichens carry out ...

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What organisms carry out photosynthesis? | Reference.com


Many plants, protists, bacteria and cyanobacteria can carry out photosynthesis. These organisms produce sugar, lipids and proteins by harvesting energy from ...



Photosynthesis, process by which green plants and certain other organisms use .... not carry out the complete process of photosynthesis; although they produce ...

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There are 3 basic types of photosynthesis: C3, C4, and CAM. ... "Normal: photosynthesis is carried out by most plants growing in areas with sufficient water .