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The common raccoon (Procyon lotor) is the familiar masked bandit found throughout most of the United States. Procyon means "before dog" and lotor means "washer." They are found virtually wherever there is water, from the cold temperate regions
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The raccoon sometimes spelled racoon, also known as the common raccoon, North American ..... Urine and feces left at shared raccoon latrines may provide additional information about feeding grounds, since raccoons were observed to meet ...


Raccoons are highly intelligent and curious creatures, but they can also be a nuisance to any homeowner. These nocturnal mammals can destroy gardens, ...


Northern Raccoon (Procyon lotor). distribution map What they look like: Raccoons are distinguished by a black mask across the eyes and bushy tail with  ...


Oct 31, 2015 ... Raccoons are very adaptable, so they live in a wide range of ... of the raccoon, according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).


Bandit-masked raccoons are a familiar sight just about everywhere, because they will eat just about anything. These ubiquitous mammals are found in forests, ...


American Expedition | Learn about raccoons and other wildlife - Explore raccoon facts, photos, artwork and information.


Raccoons are smaller relatives of bears. They are native to South and North America, but they can be found in Asia and Europe also. Raccoons live in wooded ...


Feb 7, 2012 ... Life span: In the wild, a raccoon has a life expectancy of about 2 to 3 years, ... Additional Facts: ..... Do your REAL resarch before spout statistics.


Get information, facts, and pictures about raccoon at Encyclopedia.com. Make research projects and school reports about raccoon easy with credible articles ...