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String theory is a set of attempts to model the four known fundamental interactions—gravitation, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear ...

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So what is string theory made of? How does a string theory differ from a particle theory? Get the scoop here! basic / advanced ...

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Apr 15, 2009 ... It is one of the most famous ideas in modern physics, but string theory is also strange and difficult to understand. Our guide should help you get ...

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Five key ideas are at the heart of string theory. Become familiar with these key elements of string theory right off the bat. Read on for the very basics of these five  ...

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Mar 19, 2011 ... What is string theory and why is it so hyped? Is it science ... Does anyone know where this sort of basic knowledge can be found, please? Reply ...

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String theory, often called the “theory of everything,” is a relatively young science that includes such unusual concepts as superstrings, branes, and extra ...

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Jan 4, 2010 ... Anything mentioned here about the string theory is what i understood of it and I think if you are a beginner at it like me ,it is quite interesting .

String Theory for Kids (and Clever Adults) | String theory explained ...


Jun 15, 2011 ... String theory explained for kids, teens, and even adults. ... Scientists are beginning to believe that absolutely everything, from stars to cotton ...

What is String Theory ?


String theory is our most recent attempt to answer the last (and part of the second ) ... Ordinary matter is made of atoms, which are in turn made of just three basic ...

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Dec 17, 2010 ... Author Andrew Zimmerman discusses what string theory is.