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String theory is a set of attempts to model the four known fundamental ..... Instead, when two particles, each of a certain mass—measured in terms of energy as ...

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Mar 19, 2011 ... What is string theory and why is it so hyped? ... Today we're going to attempt to break it down in layman terms so you don't have to be a ...

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So you've read in popular science literature that string theory describes the universe as the ... Maybe you would like to read my answer to In layman's term, what is a quantum state? before we continue. So, these states of the string, it turns out ...

String Theory for Kids (and Clever Adults) | String theory explained ...


Jun 15, 2011 ... String theory explained for kids, teens, and even adults. ... The table shows that the exponential notation is neat, simple, and easy to read.

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Oct 18, 2012 ... String Theory Simple - The String Theory Simple -String Theory Simple - The ... String Theory Simplified","String Theory in","Simple Terms" ...

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May 1, 2007 ... String theory proposes that the fundamental constituents of the universe are one- dimensional “strings” rather than point-like particles. What we ...

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Physicist Brian Greene explains superstring theory, the idea that minscule strands of .... I have a simple question about string's theory it may can to be a stupid ...

Why String Theory | a layman's journey to the frontiers of physics


This site provides a brief and entertaining introduction to string theory for the general public. Topics include quantum gravity, string physics, current research, ...

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Here are the past successes of theoretical physics, from electromagnetism to particle physics and general relativity... basic / advanced ...

The Official String Theory Web Site


A comprehensive site of information for non-scientists with an interest in superstring theory.

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The Basic Elements of String Theory - dummies - Dummies.com


Become familiar with these key elements of string theory right off the bat. ... vastly simplifies string theory's equations by allowing certain terms to cancel out.

What is String Theory ?


String theory is our most recent attempt to answer the last (and part of the second ) ... Perhaps the most remarkable thing about string theory is that such a simple ...

Can someone please explain string theory in layman's terms ...


Feb 5, 2010 ... All I know is that it aims to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics. What interests me about it is that it seems to be a very respected ...