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When approaching a sailing vessel head on, it is up to the motorboat to yield. The motorboat operator should swing wide as early as possible to stay well clear of ...

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Every pleasure boat operator who must give-way to another vessel, that ... a pleasure sailing craft, shall not impede the passage of vessels which can ... vessel operator in any situation, the operator should sound five short blasts. Meeting Head On. Meeting: Head On: In the diagram above, two vessels are meeting head-on.

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Generally, a sailing vessel is privileged in relation to a power boat. ... operate a motorboat of more than 15 horsepower, except for a sailboat that does not ... You should always move in such a way that the operator of the other vessel can see what ... Meeting: you are approaching another vessel head-on; Crossing: you are  ...

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What should the operators of a PWC and a motorboat do when approaching head-on? a. Both vessels should turn to starboard (right). b. Both should maintain  ...

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If you must take action, do not turn toward the give-way vessel or cross in front of it. The action a vessel operator should take when encountering another vessel ... How are the two vessels approaching one another? ... vessel: Any vessel propelled by machinery; sailing vessel: Any vessel under sail and with no engine in use.

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Nothing in the rules of the road shall exonerate the operator of a vessel from ... should not use cross signals (i.e., answer one blast with two blasts or two blasts with one ... When meeting head-on, or nearly ... When two sailing vessels are approaching one another, one of them shall ... that the risk of collision does not exist.

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Any vessels within earshot of the prolonged horn blast should reply with a. ... What Should a Motorboat Operator Do When Approaching a Sailing Vessel Head - ...

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Just as motorists must know what to do when approaching a four way stop, every ... The bad news is that many vessel operators do not know the rules. ... Several factors should be considered when determining safe speed, including but ... The main situations of collision risk are overtaking, meeting head-on, and crossing.

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Youth 12-15 can operate a boat of 10 hp or less without an adult. ... You are not required to slow if they are approaching you. Anytime you are ... Operators should reduce speed while heading out or returning to shore in order to reduce noise. ... Meeting Head-on: When two boats meet head-on, neither has the right- of-way.

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to be involved in your day of boating, have a designated operator. Operating a boat is no different than driving an automobile. Wisconsin .... a motor or sail. • Vessels .... A person 10 or 11 years old may operate a motorboat .... If less than 23.0 feet long, these vessels should: .... Do not approach within 100 yards and slow to.

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It's the responsibility of the boat operator to know and follow all of the ... You should assign a passenger to act as your lookout 'sidekick' who can ... When power-driven boats approach each other head-on, neither boat has the right-of- way.

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What to do when approaching another power-driven vessel from a head on direction. ... a starboard-to-starboard pass should be signaled with two short blasts.

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The action a vessel operator should take when encountering another vessel depends ... Two power-driven vessels; Two sailing vessels; A power-driven vessel and a ... Meeting head-on: A vessel operator sees another vessel ahead or nearly ... of the approaching vessel does not change), or anytime you are approaching a ...