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Please keep in mind that most 1928 $2 red seals are just worth about $5. If you have one that has a serial number that starts with a star symbol, or if you have a ...


Series of 1928 Two Dollar Bill - Red Seal Legal Tender - Values and Pricing The series of 1928 $2 red seal legal tender note was the first of the 1928 series.


Series of 1928 $2 Bills - Legal Tender Notes - Values and Pricing Two dollar bills from the series of 1928 are called 1928 $2 legal tenders. All legal tenders.


✯1928-1963 Two Dollar Note Red Seal ✯$2 Bill G-AU✯Old Paper Estate Lot Currency ... 16 ASST SERIES 1928 star $2 DOLLAR BILL OLD US NOTES LEGAL ...


Series of 1928 $2 Legal Tender Star Notes - Values and Pricing 1928 two dollar star notes can be quite rare. All series of 1928 two dollar star notes will.


The Legal Tender deuces have always held a special attraction to collectors and the less interested public. Whether you were prone to tearing off the corners of ...


This is a classic piece of currency whose value is unfortunately not very high. The bill also has ... Another variant that sells for $50 or more has a red star by each serial number. I have one or two of the examples like yours and keep them ...

Oct 2, 2013 ... I found something lurking... a series of 1928 G $2 bill. CO... ... I have 2 red certificate 2 dollar bills.. want to buy them? lol. Read more. Show less ... When I saw "ultimate" I assumed you found a 1928 B star note. Now that ...


1928 star notes (where the number is preceded by a red star/asterisk) are considered more valuable and rare. 1928 two dollar bills are often valued higher than ...


It depends on the kind of bill it is. There are some rare ones, but according to ... bill from 1928 worth? How do you find the current value of a red seal two-dollar bill? ... tell if a 1928 $20 bill is real? How much is a two dollar star note bill worth?