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The United States two-dollar bill ($2) is a current denomination of U.S. currency. The third U.S. .... This note with the red floral design was also issued as Series of 1917 but ... The Series of 1928 $2 bill featured the treasury seal superimposed by the ... In February 2012, the B.E.P. printed 512,000 Series 2009 $2 Star Notes, ...


Please keep in mind that most 1928 $2 red seals are just worth about $5. If you have one that has a serial number that starts with a star symbol, or if you have a ...


Series of 1928 $2 Bills - Legal Tender Notes - Values and Pricing Two dollar bills from the series of 1928 are called 1928 $2 legal tenders. All legal tenders.


Series of 1928 Two Dollar Bill - Red Seal Legal Tender - Values and Pricing The series of 1928 $2 red seal legal tender note was the first of the 1928 series.


1928-1963 Two Dollar Note Red Seal ✯$2 Bill G-AU✯Old Paper Estate Lot Currency✯ ... Lot of Four (4) 1928 U.S. $2 Two Dollar Bills, Red Seal U.S. Notes ~  ...


Series of 1928 $2 Red Seal Star Notes - Values and Pricing Series of 1928 two dollar star notes are one of the more common star issues for the 1928 series, but.


Red seal two dollar bills have three different dates: 1928, 1953, 1963. ... 1928 star notes (where the number is preceded by a red star/asterisk) are considered ...

Dec 27, 2016 ... Description: This is the first “small size” two dollar bill issued by The U.S. In 1928 the size of paper money was changed to the size that we are ...


It depends on the kind of bill it is. There are some rare ones, but according to ... How do you find the current value of a red seal two-dollar bill? How do you determine the ... if a 1928 $20 bill is real? How much is a two dollar star note bill worth?