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The 1980s was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1, 1980, and ended ...... popular as they were introduced to various countries in the early 1980s, and had a profound impact on...

The 1980s: American Pop Culture History - RetroWaste


The 1980s saw the end of the Cold War and the rise of synthesized music. Pop culture was more important to people than ever before and choices were plenty.

Culture in The Reagan Era - Shmoop


The Reagan Era through the lens of Culture. ... attempt to offer a moving and powerful critique of what he saw as the iniquities of American society in the 1980s.

Like Totally 80s - 1980s Culture, Music, Movies and Fashion


Revisit the totally awesome 80s, featuring music, movies, TV, videos, toys and fashion trends as well as totally tubular 1980s costume and party ideas.

The Eighties Club


A look back to the 1980s covering politics, pop culture, movies, music, television, trivia, people, timeline and links to related sites.

Why did 'working-class culture' disintegrate in the 1980s? A sort of ...


Apr 18, 2016 ... We must recognise the vital role of the working class in shaping their own culture. image: http://tinaledger.co.uk. Paul Mason recently published ...

How Well Do You Know Your 1980s Pop Culture? - Offbeat


How Well Do You Know Your 1980s Pop Culture? Click here to resume from where you last left off. Let's Play. Trending on Offbeat. 31 Shocking Historical ...

New Trends in American Life in the 1980s - Video & Lesson ...


The 1980s represented a drastic change in American society, one not seen since the 1920s ... Let's take a look at American society and culture during the 1980s.

The 1980s (American Popular Culture Through History) - Amazon.com


Amazon.com: The 1980s (American Popular Culture Through History) ( 9780313330001): Bob Batchelor, Scott F. Stoddart: Books.

Back to Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live in ...


Back to Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live in Now--Our Culture, Our Politics, Our Everything [David Sirota] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping ...

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The 1980s - Facts & Summary - HISTORY.com


In some respects, the popular culture of the 1980s reflected the era's political conservatism. For many people, the symbol of the decade was the “yuppie”: a baby ...

Life in the 1980s [ushistory.org]


"I want my MTV." Americans enjoyed many fundamental changes in their standard of living in the 1980s. One major transformation was the new, expanded role ...

What Happened in the 1980s featuring News, Popular Culture ...


1980s Prices including inflation prices for homes, wages and cars, Cold War and traditional communism ends, Microsoft, Intel and Apple have more of an impact ...