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Two people are sent into a closet for 60 seconds. One of them should slather their lips with the red lipstick. Then they rush to kiss the other person as many times ...


Here are ten kissing games for you and your sweetheart to have great time with. Its apple-icious ... Now the other person must bite a piece off the apple without using the fingers. But that is not the end ... Get hold of two dice for this sexy game.


When you and your boyfriend are having a dull day, there are kissing games you ... so make sure that you're both in the mood for some sensual entertainment.2.


Jan 27, 2012 ... These are 11 kissing games that kids play, ranked from the most innocent ... the other person tasted like pretzels and orange soda in 3... 2... 1.


Oct 27, 2016 ... Here are 8 kissing games to remind you why you LOVE to kiss. ... Day 2. Play the always-popular 7 Minutes In Heaven kissing game ... The first person to break away and take a breath is the "loser", but let's be real, in this ...


There are different types of kissing games in which people participates in and ... This couple chases the other two couples and if they overtake one of them, the one ... The touched person is then referred to as tagged and assumes the role of  ...


Kissing party games for teens that want an excuse to get closer to that special ... This is a game where everyone sits in a circle and one person is chosen to start. ... In this version the two people have five seconds to hug, if they don't hug within  ...


The latest and greatest free online Kissing Games for Girls which are safe to play! ... These two teenagers have a crush on one another but their friend is really ...


You can play Lovers Kiss 2 in full-screen mode in your browser without any ... If you kiss the wrong person, you will lose a life. ... Top Games by mafa.com. logo.