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Five short blasts from a boat on the water signal that the pilot of the boat ... These signals also mean the pilot of the ship has concerns about the ... Proper sound signals are prescribed by the U.S. Coast Guard and other maritime agencies.

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Vessels are required to sound signals any time that they are in close quarters and risk of collision exists. The term “short blastmeans a blast of about one second. ... Five or more short and rapid blasts - Danger or doubt signal (I don't understand your ... If you do not agree with or understand clearly what the other vessel'...

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Rules of the Road Sound & light signals Rule 34 Maneuvering Signals and warning signals (d) When vessels ... What do three short blast of a boat horn mean?

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When and how to use sound signals when boating, also known as sounding off. ... 5 short blasts, Danger, or do not understand approaching boat's intentions.

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Sound signals are also like an automobile's horn used to let other drivers know you are ... Sound signals are composed of short and prolonged blasts and must be audible for ... Five (or more) short, rapid blasts are used to signal danger or to signal that you do not understand or you disagree with the other boater's intentions.

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Sound signals are also like an automobile's horn used to let other drivers know you ... Five (or more) short, rapid blasts signal danger or signal that you do not ...



Sep 8, 2016 ... one short blast to mean "I am altering my course to starboard";; two short ... shall, if in agreement, sound the same whistle signal and take the steps ... such doubt by giving at least five short and rapid blasts on the whistle. ... is not obliged to sound the whistle signals prescribed by this Rule, but may d...

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The term short blast means a blast of about one second's duration. ... vessel must sound the danger signal of at least five short, rapid blasts of the whistle. ... is not obligated to sound the whistle signals prescribed by this rule, but may do so. ... take any precautions necessary to avoid danger to your boat and its passengers.

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I often hear 1 long blast of a ships' horn followed by 3 short ones...all times of day and night...what does this signify/mean if anything? ... It is true that 3 short blasts by themselves mean that the ship is ... "Snotty, sound the 'horn". .... I seem to remember that the signal for boat stations was seven short blas...

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Review the below summary of sound signals & their patterns. ... One (1) short blast indicates going right; Two (2) short blasts indicate going left; Three (3) ... Five (5) or more short blasts indicates disagreement or danger; Matching response ... If you are backing your boat how do you indicate operating astern propulsion?