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A scientific control is an experiment or observation designed to minimize the effects of variables other than the independent variable. This increases the ...

What is a "control" in an experiment? | Reference.com


Experimental controls are mechanisms in science that eliminate extraneous factors that might otherwise affect the results of an experiment. By creating a second ...

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Control definition, to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command: The car is difficult to control at high speeds. That zone is controlled by enemy ...

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A scientific control group is an essential part of most research designs, allowing researchers to eliminate and isolate confounding variables and bias.

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An IT control is a procedure or policy that provides a reasonable assurance that the information technology (IT) used by an organization operates as intended, ...

The Control Function of Management


Jul 15, 1982 ... The control function of management can be a critical determinant of organizational success. Most authors discuss control only through ...

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What is a hazard control program? How do I know what kind of control is needed ? Why should a workplace implement hazard controls?

"Mendels laws apply" or "the die is fair" - Understanding Science ...


control. In scientific testing, to keep a variable or variables constant so that the impact of another factor can be better understood. To learn more, visit our side trip ...

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Safety and Health Management Systems eTool | Module 2 - Overview of System Components: Hazard Prevention and Control.

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The method by which firms evaluate potential losses and take action to reduce or eliminate such threats. Risk control is a technique that utilizes findings from risk ...

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What is a control setup in science? | Reference.com


A control setup in science uses the same conditions and the same equipment as the experimental setup; however, there are no variables tested in the control ...

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A control group in a scientific experiment is a group separated from the rest of the experiment where the independent variable being tested cannot influence the ...

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Definition of control: Manufacturing: Device or mechanism installed or instituted to guide or regulate the activities or operation of an apparatus, machine, person,  ...