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A scientific control is an experiment or observation designed to minimize the effects of variables other than the independent variable. This increases the ...

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Experimental controls are mechanisms in science that eliminate extraneous factors that might otherwise affect the results of an experiment. By creating a second ...

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Control definition, to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command: The car is difficult to control at high speeds. That zone is controlled by enemy ...

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Sep 3, 2013 ... Meet Mark and Molly. They were just given some plants. The only problem is that neither Mark nor Molly has a green thumb, they are not very ...

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A scientific control group is an essential part of most research designs, allowing researchers to eliminate and isolate confounding variables and bias.

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In scientific testing, a control group is a group of individuals or cases that is treated in the same way as the experimental group, but that is not exposed to the  ...

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An IT control is a procedure or policy that provides a reasonable assurance that the information technology (IT) used by an organization operates as intended, ...

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An internal control is a business practice, policy or procedure that is established within an organization to create value or minimize risk.

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Change control is a systematic approach to managing all changes made to a product or system. The purpose is to ensure that no unnecessary changes are ...

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Methods and procedures that are implemented by a firm to help ensure the validity and accuracy of its own financial statements. The accounting controls do not ...

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In biology experiments, a control group is a group of subjects that are not given the treatment being tested in order to serve as a benchmark for the tested group.

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tr.v. con·trolled, con·trol·ling, con·trols. 1. To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over; direct: The majority party controls the legislative agenda.

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Definition of control: Manufacturing: Device or mechanism installed or instituted to guide or regulate the activities or operation of an apparatus, machine, person,  ...