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While not inside an infected cell or in the process of infecting a cell, viruses exist ... consist of two or three parts: (i) the genetic material made from either DNA or RNA, long molecules that ca...

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They are parasitic and can only reproduce inside living cells. ... Instead, they have a core of genetic material surrounded by a protein coat. Their genetic material can be DNA or RNA, but not both. ... Multicellular organisms have many cells. chitin Hard and tough natural material made from glucose molecules joined together.

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Aug 8, 2008 ... Although viruses challenge our concept of what "living" means, they ... Inside the Latest Issue ... in a protein coat that may also shelter viral proteins involved in infection. ... genetic material and the potential for propagation, is also not alive. .... large DNA virus that made a permanent home within prok...

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Viruses are not organisms in the strict sense of the word, but reproduce and have an intimate, if parasitic, relationship with all living organisms. ... either DNA or RNA (but not both), and a protein coat, which encases the nucleic acid. .... cells carry out the opposite process, transcribing the genetic material of DNA into RNA.

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A virus is essentially DNA or RNA surrounded by a coat of protein (Figure below). ... They have genetic material like all cells do (though they are not made of cells), and ... Once inside the host cell, they use the cell's own ATP (energy), ribosomes, ... Viruses are not considered living things because they cannot reproduce on ...

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Viruses are strange things that straddle the fence between living and non-living. ... Plant viruses are not equipped to infect animal cells, for example, though a ... of genetic material (DNA or RNA) encased in a protective protein coat called a capsid. ... a virus gets its genetic material inside the cell either by tricking the host c...

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Oct 2, 2014 ... Here are some things you might not have known about the virus. ... and now, the virus has made the jump to United States: In Dallas, Texas, 100 ... The criteria to be considered a living organism includes being able to eat ... Ebola has genetic material held inside a protective protein coat, while prions don't.

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Viruses are not considered living organisms because they cannot do anything ... Viruses are made up of RNA or DNA (the basic genetic material) and ... They basically attack a particular host cell and replicate themselves inside that living organism. ..... As the virus replicates itself, the protein coat on its external membrane .....

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It has been argued extensively whether viruses are living organisms. Most virologists consider them non-living, as they do not meet all the criteria of the ... viruses consist of genetic material contained within a protective protein coat called a ... Avian influenza viruses do not thrive in humans because the temperature inside a ...

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A virus is a parasite that must infect a living cell to reproduce. ... living organisms, such as the presence of genetic material (DNA or RNA), they are not ... viruses are composed of only an outer coat (capsid), the genome, and, in some .... In reoviruses, only an outer protein shell is removed and replication takes place inside a ...

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Q: What is made of genetic material inside a protein coat.
A: Most viruses are made of genetic material inside a protein coat; there are also some which do not have the protein coat. Read More »
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What is not a living thing and is made of genetic material inside a protein coat? ... Viruses contain a protein coat as well as DNA, but are not considered 'living' ...

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Viruses are not classified as being alive because they don't have their own machinery ... “Hey, parasites need to reproduce inside other organisms, but they' re alive. ... genetic material (either RNA or DNA) and a coat that is made up of protein ...

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Not all the cells within large organisms (like humans) are alike. ... Proteins are the biological molecules that give living cells their diverse forms and functions. .... the hydrophobic amino acids are pointing into the inside of the structure (and away .... Viruses are made up of genetic material (either DNA or RNA ), surrounded by  ...

Viruses are not alive but affect all living things.


Most organisms are made of a single cell. • Living ... consist of genetic material contained inside a protective protein coat called a capsid. The ... of their genetic material is one way that viruses are similar to living things. Also the protein coat is  ...