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Do whatever is necessary to stay clear of the sailboat. ... A powerboat is about to cross paths with a sailboat under sail What should the powerboat do?


Studying the topic “Animation: Paths That Cross—Power vs. Sail” from the official Canada Boat Ed Course Boating License Study Guide. ... Navigation Lights for Sailboats Under Sail · Required Navigation Lights for Manually Powered Boats .... You're the power boat at the bottom of the screen, encountering a sailboat. start.


irpcs rules colregs marine rules of the road at sea duty of the stand on boat marine maritime right of way lights and shapes. ... A powerboat is about to cross paths with a sailboat under sail. What should the powerboat do? In the navigation  ...


Jan 26, 2012 ... Sail: A motor boat is any vessel using an engine regardless of ... If a sailboat is overtaking a power boat, the power boat has the right of way. ... Crossing - When motor boats paths cross, the boat on the other's ... Sailboats When encountering sailboats that are sailing, motorboats generally should give way.


Even with the Navigation Rules in place, you should never presume the actions of ... Give-way craft: Boats that do not have the right-of-way are called the 'give- way craft'. ... If you're operating a powerboat, you must give-way to the following types of boats: A boat that's NOT under command, such as an anchored boat or a  ...


Every pleasure boat operator who must give-way to another vessel, that ... of the other vessel operator in any situation, the operator should sound five short blasts. ... Meeting: Powerboat and Sailboat: When a sailboat under sail alone, meets a ...


When you're cruising along in your power boat, you're rarely alone on the water, so you need to ... Sailboats under sail power only are always the stand-on vessels in crossing and meeting ... vessel, meaning you have the greater burden of responsibility should anything go wrong when you try to pass. ... Crossing paths.


Boat operation is subject to a series of rules similar to those governing road traffic . ... A boat that is overtaking another must steer clear of the overtaken vessel's path. ... a road vehicle driver, but they must also pay attention to what is under them. ... on his/her own starboard side and cross them so as to involve risk of collision, ...


Following a collision between two boats, make certain everyone is accounted for and check for injuries. ... The operator of a powerboat should maintain his course when being approached on ... What should a stand-on vessel do? ... a vessel not under command;; a vessel restricted in her ability to manoeuvre;; a fishing boat ...


Generally, a sailing vessel is privileged in relation to a power boat. ... No person under 16 years of age may operate a motorboat of more than 15 horsepower, ... Normally, you should not cross in front of the vessel with the right-of-way. ... In narrow channels, do not hamper the safe passage of vessels, such as deep-draft  ...