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An airbag is a type of vehicle safety device and is an occupant restraint system. The airbag ..... In May 1998, Toyota began offering a side curtain airbag deploying from the roof on the Progrés. ..... Because vehicles change speed so quickly in a crash, airbags must inflate rapidly to reduce the risk of the occupant hitting the ...


on crash severity related to the change in vehicle speed or deceleration over time . ... thresholds for air bag deployment during a collision are not easily obtained; ...


Air bags are supplemental restraints and are designed to work best in combination with seat belts. Both frontal and side-impact air bags are designed to deploy ...


Due to the proprietary nature of air bag deployment algorithms, the velocity, ... of speed, deceleration, or displacement thresholds for air bag deployment will also  ...


An airbag fully deploys at a speed of about 60 to 186 miles an hour upon impact. Comparatively, this is the top speed of Japan's Shinkansen Bullet Train.


To name only one example, properly worn seat belts and deploying air bags .... appears severely damaged in an accident, an ETD / air bag deployment threshold ... Furthermore, the vehicle speed at the start of the collision and the injuries.


airbag(s) did not deploy in the crash where it was expected (by the vehicle ... the faster the required inflation speed of the bag ('faster deployed') and the higher the ... the airbag did not deploy but the ΔV reached a specified threshold (Figure 2).


Jul 20, 2007 ... at what speed of impact should an airbag deploy - is there a minimum speed of impact that an airbag must deploy? Why do the antilock brakes ...


Dec 10, 2013 ... Depending on the specific vehicle model, this threshold is normally equivalent ... Air bags most often deploy when a vehicle collides with another ... There are differences in the crash speeds that trigger air bag deployment, the ...


Sep 28, 2000 ... Airbag Deployment in Low Speed Crashes Increases Injuries ... manufacturers need to reconsider the setting of airbag deployment thresholds.