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The African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis, also known as the xenopus, African clawed toad, ... Its name is derived from the three short claws on each hind foot, which it uses to tear apart its food. ....

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If it is ALBINO it is CLAWED - African Dwarf Frogs are NEVER albino. ..... your local pet store and treat the frog's food as the instructions dictate.

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The African clawed frog's front limbs are small with unwebbed fingers that are used to push food into the mouth. Its hind legs are large and webbed and the three ...

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Jul 22, 2013 ... Albino clawed frogs are popular in the pet industry. ... Tank Requirements: African clawed frogs are pretty hardy pets as long as their basic care ...
Dwarf clawed frogs do not need a huge tank -- allow about a gallon per frog. Use one that disturbs the water as little as possible as frogs like still water, and make sure the frogs can not get stuck in the intakes or behind the intake/filter. The fish should be of a... More »
By Lianne McLeod, DVM, Guide

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Albino African Clawed Frog- photo by Paul Robinson ... Life span: African Clawed Frogs can live up to 20 years with appropriate care, but average at about  ...

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FLAKE FOOD lacks just about all essential nutrients your frog needs to survive. Flake food is for ... all sinking food on it. African Clawed Frogs need a calcium rich diet for proper bone growth, especially as fast growing froglets. ... albino froglets.

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Range: African clawed frogs are native to eastern and southern Africa. ... Habitat: African clawed frogs are always found in water, although during periods of heavy rainfall, they are able to move some ... Please enter your email address: ...

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It is also unfortunate, as the African Clawed Frog makes an ideal pet for ... finally be able to feel confident their charges are receiving the best possible care. .... corrections. and/or queries may be forwarded to me at the E-mail address below.

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Related Articles: Keeping African Clawed Frogs and African Dwarf Frogs by Neale Monks, Amphibians, Turtles, ... Xenopus come in "normal"/natural color and albino. ... 1) These tads came in a kit with VERY poor care instructions (they didn't ...

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Q: How to Care for Albino African Black Clawed Frogs.
A: 1. Prepare a fish tank for the frog. This species spends all its time in the water, so set up a tank of water as if you were keeping fish. A 5-gallon tank is th... Read More »
Q: How to Raise an Albino African Clawed Frog.
A: 1. Get an aquarium that is large enough to allow your frog plenty of room to move around. A good size is 10 gallons of water for each frog you own. Choose a tan... Read More »
Q: What is the lifespan of African albino clawed frog?
A: I have an albino African clawed frog that is 16 years old. I have one that turned 22 in March of 2009! Read More »
Q: Is this an albino african clawed frog?
A: . At full grown african clawed frogs can be from 5-7 inches. Sometimes in the best care they can grow to be much larger. African Dwarf Frogs only grow to be abo... Read More »
Q: How to care for African albino clawed frogs
A: In a lot of pet stores you will see little pink frogs for sale, they are called "African Albino Clawed-frogs". A lot of pet stores purchase the dwarf Albino cla... Read More »