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According to US Legal, an alias capias is a warrant issued by a court of law for the immediate arrest of an individual based on felony charges. This type of ...

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In the common law system of the United States, a capias warrant is essentially an order to arrest and detain an individual for the purpose of guaranteeing.

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A capias is a warrant or order for arrest of a person, typically issued by the judge or ... and if the capias be not returned executed, the clerk shall issue an alias, ...

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Alias Warrant - An Alias Warrant is issued when the subject fails to appear in court for a ... A civil capias warrant is not the same as a criminal arrest warrant.

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Learn more about sealing and expunging records. Bench Warrant and Alias Capias. A “bench warrant” is a type of warrant issued by a judge in a misdemeanor ...

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Feb 27, 2014 ... “When law enforcement officers who are not armed with a warrant .... but the Roundup focuses on two: capias warrants and alias warrants.

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It is an arrest warrant, but there are several kinds of capias warrants. Capias ad respondendum ... In my years of working in the courts, the most common capias warrant was the "Alias Capias" which was a warrant that did not allow the person  ...

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There are two types of warrants entered by judges in Broward county, bench warrants and alias capias warrants. Bench warrants are less serious and are ...

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The judge also can issue a capias (warrant) for your arrest if you jump bail and don't have a “reasonable excuse” such as illness or unforeseen circumstances ...

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If warrants are paid online, it's a fine payment, not a bond. A payment cannot be converted to a bond. If you have a Bench, Capias or Alias warrant, you may pay ...

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What does "alias capias" mean? | Reference.com


An alias capias is a type of warrant issued for a failure to appear in court. "Capias " is a broad term used to describe any type of arrest...

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A "Capias" is a warrant of arrest. The term "Alias" is added when the warrant is for fail to appear in answer to a summons, citation, or order to appear.

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Mar 22, 2013 ... Hello, I was looking for a translation for "alias and capias warrant". I found information on what they are, but I couldn't find a good translation...