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There is no scientific proof that aliens or other forms of intelligent life exist elsewhere in the universe, despite many purported UFO sightings around the world. Most astronomers...

There is no known evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life forms similar to humans, but many theorize that they exist.
A new microorganism recently discovered by NASA, which is able to thrive and reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic, gives more plausibility to the theory that other planets might sustain life.

Do aliens exist? Most compelling evidence of alien existence ...


Some say it's obvious we're not alone, others scorn the very idea and still others yet will hauntingly report their own experiences of alien probings following their ...

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Jan 9, 2014 ... Five Facts Proving Alien Existence - Duration: 7:59. ... Proof of Alien Moon Base - Nasa Evidence (Full Documentary) ... Do Aliens Exist?

Do Aliens Really Exist? | Discovery Kids


UFO is the acronym the Air Force uses for any unidentified flying object, but it's become synonymous with alien spacecraft. There are tons of UFO sightings on ...

15 Signs That Alien Life Actually Exists - Gizmopod


Aliens. Extraterrestrials. Space Men. Whatever you call them, sightings have been around since man first gazed into the skies. And what follows are 15 signs that ...

Proof aliens exist: Scientists make staggering discovery find ...


Oct 6, 2014 ... THIS astonishing image is the long-awaited proof that alien life DOES exist, scientists have sensationally claimed.

NASA Confirms Extraterrestrial Life DOES Exist On Other Planets


Aliens really do existThats the amazing news that space boffins at NASA have ... for the first time about life on other planets and they are certain it DOES exist.

Do Aliens Exist? Yes, And Some 'Look Just Like Us,' Says Paul ...


Jan 7, 2014 ... Paul Hellyer, the 90-year-old former Canadian defense minister, claims there are more than 80 different species of aliens and some "look just ...

Aliens, An Introduction To The Truth - They Exist


Now You Will Know That Aliens Exist – We Are Not Alone! ... If you really want to learn about Aliens, UFOs and flying saucers, first bookmark this webpage.

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Q: Do aliens really exist?
A: No. There is currently no definitive scientific proof or compelling evidence for the existence of "aliens" or any form of life on celestial bodies other than Ea... Read More »
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Q: Does aliens really exist?
A: There is no telling if aliens really exist. There are accounts out there of people who believe they have encountered extra terrestrial life. We may never know t... Read More »
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Q: Do aliens really exist?
A: Dear Christian Yes! They exist as surely as we do. We are all "alien" to each other race to race. All of the races that visit Earth are much further evolved and... Read More »
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Q: Do aliens really exist?
A: Although there is still no hard proof, it is statistically likely that aliens do exist! 63% believe! Read More »
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Q: Do aliens really exist?
A: I found out when I was 21 without a sliver of a doubt, that they do exist. What ever it is they're doing being covert is absolutely essential. They have nothing... Read More »
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