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Star network


Star networks are one of the most common computer network topologies. In its simplest form, a star network consists of one central switch, hub or computer, which acts as a conduit to transmit messag...

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guest. Answer # 3, a)Hub is broadcast all the ports.Data is going to all the computer one by one that the reasons of slow speed over the network. b) bandwidth is ...

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Passive hubs make all data packets available to all other devices on the network. ... There are many advantages of using hubs rather than network switches.

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Generally, they have all of the features of passive hubs, with the added bonus of actually watching the data being sent out. ... Intelligent hubs offer many advantages over passive and active hubs. ... and 100Mbps to desktop systems using standard topologies such as Ethernet, Token Ring or FDDI. ... Disadvantages of hubs.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a star network ... which adds to cost. if a hub or switch fails all the devices connected to it will have no network connection ...

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In Star topology, all the components of network are connected to the central ... 2) The use of hub, a router or a switch as central device increases the overall cost ...

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PoE (Power over Ethernet): Using the ethernet cabling to deliver power for small ... Different cables have different advantages and disadvantages. ... b) In a building network , you have to connect Ethernet to switch and then Ethernet again ...

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Feb 28, 2010 ... Bright Hub ... This is one of the major advantages of networking computers. ... One major disadvantage of networking is the breakdown of the whole network ... Computer Hardware News & Developments: All The Latest News, ...

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Hubs accept incoming packets and transmit them to all other ports on the hub, which means they go to all devices connected to the hub. ... Advantages & Disadvantages of Ethernet Hubs & Switches. ... Advantage & Disadvantage of Routers.

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Apr 15, 2009 ... All devices on a 10BASE2, 10BASE5, or any network using a hub risk collisions between the frames that they send, so all devices on one of ...

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Networking hubs are at a disadvantage against network switches in every technical ... The hub's only advantage is that it costs less than a comparable switch, but ... Network hubs share all their bandwidth between every connected device.

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Jul 27, 2014 ... 1 Table of content: Routers 2 Gateway 3 Switch 5 Bridge 2 .... Apart from the advantage and disadvantage of the routers we came to the ... On the other hand gateway operates at all the seven layer of OSI model.

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There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and which one you use will depend on ... All hubs can be uplinked together, either with straight-through cable or ... If bandwidth could become an issue among the users of the network, using a  ...