Spelling of Shakespeare's name


The spelling of William Shakespeare's name has varied over time. ... that someone else wrote the plays to use different spellings when they were referring to the ...

Alternate spellings for popular baby names


If you like a name, but not the spelling, using this tool to get alternate spellings for the name.

Unique spellings for common baby names - SheKnows


Dec 25, 2013 ... One look at the Social Security Administration's Top 1,000 Baby Names indicates that many parents opt for trendy, alternative spellings.

Baby names with unique spellings - SheKnows


Aug 28, 2009 ... If you are looking for a unique way to personalize the name you've selected, consider an alternate spelling for the name. Whether it's Leigh ...

LEGITIMATE Alternate Spellings - Nameberry.com


We see many different threads here on Nameberry, and I think many (if not ... I was wondering which spellings of the following names you prefer.

Name Nerds! Euneek spelengz


(you can also just kut to the chayce and jump down to the How to Make a Kreatyvleigh Spelde Naim section). Many people consider alternate spellings to look ...

Unusual baby name spellings: don't do it - Kidspot


May 7, 2013 ... If you want to be different, maybe give them a name that is not very common, but at least spell it in a way that people are able to pronounce.

Unique Spellings: The New Twist on Baby Names


If you are looking for a unique twist to your name choices, you can use our advanced search to look for different spellings of names with the same meaning.

Unique Spellings of Girl Baby Names - Parents


If you like traditional names but want to put a spin on them, take a look at our unique ... This alternate spelling of Patricia almost makes it a whole new name!

Alternate name spellings: Creative or confusing? | BabyCenter Blog


May 29, 2008 ... I am not opposed to traditional-but-unusual names/spellings or names from different cultures– my favorite boys' name is Ciaran (and I don't like ...

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Q: Opinions on an alternate name-spelling?
A: I don't think Lochlan would be bad to use, but I think that Lachlan looks better. So I would go with Lachlan, in my opinion. Lochlan could be mispronounced as L... Read More »
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Q: Opinions on an alternate name-spelling?
A: I dont like when people misspell names crazily! (if thats a word haha) But I see no problem with having a different spelling, as long as it looks like its prnou... Read More »
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Q: What is alternate name of Tori Spelling ?
A: Victoria Spelling | Tori Spelling-McDermott Read More »
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Q: What is alternate name of Tori Spelling ?
A: Tory Spelling Read More »
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A: Melissa has 30 variant forms: Lisa, Malissa, Mallissa, Mel, Melesa,... ...MORE... Read More »
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