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The culture of the Philippines is a combination of Eastern and Western culture. Before the .... Filipinos began creating paintings in the European tradition during .... It had started with tradition...

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The Filipino people is rich in customs and traditions. Many of these are in connection with their family life such as DATING, MARRIAGE and BURIAL, RELIGIOUS ...

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Ancient Filipino Customs and Traditions COMMUNITY STRUCTURE The early Filipinos established their communities along thebays, coasts and on the mo...

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Jan 13, 2015 ... Let's review some of the popular Filipino traditions and find the similarities that bind Filipinos to each other. First on the list is Mano Po.

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Nov 4, 2016 ... Let's take a look at some of the old-timey traditions Filipinos still practice today, ... Related Trivia: Ancient Cebuanos used “genital jewelry”.

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A typical ancient traditional Filipino wedding, during pre-colonial times, is held for three days and was officiated by a babaylan, a tribal priest or priestess.

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Orientation. Identification. The Republic of the Philippines was named the Filipinas to honor King Philip the Second of Spain in 1543. The Philippine Islands was ...

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Sep 30, 2012 ... Filipino Traditional Healing operates on a very different manner. Our ancient healers believed in a concept of health which states that ...

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The Filipino people have various folk beliefs related to health, relationships, money, luck, animals, childbirth and ... What are some traditions of El Salvador?

HILOT: The Science and Philosophy of Ancient Filipino Healing Arts


Hilot. The ancient Filipino healing art known as Hilot can be classified as a type of traditional/folk medical practice that details both the resourcefulness of ...