Techniques of Annealing Brass
Brass is an alloy metal composed mainly of copper and zinc. Since copper constitutes the major component, brass is categorized as a copper alloy. Though brass is stronger and harder than copper, it does not have the strength and hardness of steel.... More »
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The Art and Science of Annealing -

For many reloaders, annealing is a "dark science" that defies easy explanation. When done right, annealing extends brass life and makes neck tension more ... Brass&v=Url1QguVhHE
May 19, 2014 ... The method I use to "anneal" or stress relieve the necks of brass cases for ammunition reloading. Properly done this process extends case life ... Brass&v=kgD5D0Wzu-c
Mar 20, 2010 ... Annealing brass is a simple way to extend the life of your brass. After 5-6 firings your brass will start to become brittle. This is where it can crack ...

Ballistic Edge MFG | How to Anneal

Changes start to occur in brass grain structure at 480 degrees fahrenheit. To properly anneal brass, the temperature needs to be at 650 degrees F. for several  ...

Annealing - What It Is and Why Your Mil-Surp Brass Looks Weird

Feb 5, 2014 ... The Lucky Gunner Lounge team takes you inside ammunition manufacturers to explain the annealing process. Find out what it is and why it ... - "Annealing Cases" (Ken Howell)

This re-forming cold-works the brass, making it harder and more brittle. Annealing softens the neck, to offset the cold-working and to retain the resilience of softer ...

The Science Behind Annealing Brass Cases - Bison Ballistics

May 24, 2013 ... Safety First: Annealing brass is potentially dangerous. This is not a how-to guide, but rather an explanation of the materials science involved.

Carteach0: Annealing case necks.... a simple and safe method

Jun 11, 2009 ... That's what this article is about… a description of some of what I have learned regarding annealing brass case necks. As always, click on any ...

A Deal To Anneal brass cartridge case necks - Meacham Rifles

Steel cup to spin cases while annealing necks to prevent splitting and uniform bullet pull neck tension. 1/4 hex drive. Very detailed instructions.

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Q: How to Anneal Brass.
A: 1. Fill the bottom of a baking pan or cookie tray with enough water to cover the bottom third of the upright brass cartridges. 2. Set your brass cartridges into... Read More »
Q: Could you share your method of annealing brass?
A: I have never done it but have done a lot of research on it. Stand the cartridges in a pan with some water in it. In a darkened room, heat the end of the case to... Read More »
Q: How are Copper, Brass and Aluminum annealed?
A: Here's a link that explains annealing.…. Read More »
Q: Will Oven Drying Anneal Brass?
A: Krochus said: Well... if you insist on using your oven, you can get an oven thermometer just for that purpose - an "add on" that hangs from the rack or sits on ... Read More »
Q: Will Oven Drying Anneal Brass?
A: I noticed that several of the posters on the thread “Cleaning Brass of Lubrication” mentioned that they dried their washed cases in the oven at temperatures of ... Read More »