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A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date a marriage took place. Traditional names exist for all of them: for instance, 50 years of marriage is called a ...


Oct 12, 2014 ... Find the right wedding anniversary stones used most often on anniversary rings. 1st Anniversary - Gold Jewelry Alternate: Peridot.


These lovely gemstones not only make eye-catching Anniversary presents, but according to the Anniversary symbols they are designated gemstones that ...


Traditional, modern and gemstone / jewelry anniversary gift lists. ... List of Gemstones and Jewelry Gift Ideas for Anniversaries. Anniversary Stones Gift List  ...


Sep 10, 2006 ... Birthstones, zodiac and anniversary gemstones: Learn about birthstones, astrological zodiac stones and gemstone meanings; Anniversary ...


List of suggested Anniversary Stones. Years of marriage, Anniversary Stone ( click on link for more info). 1, Gold Jewelry. 2, Garnet. 3, Pearl. 4, Topaz.


1st Anniversary is Paper 2nd Anniversary is Cotton 3rd Anniversary is Leather 4th Anniversary is Linen 5th Anniversary is Wood 6th Anniversary is Iron


Each anniversary can be represented by a gift of gemstones or a metal used in jewelry. When you're shopping for your special anniversary, this guide will send ...


List and Pictures of Wedding Anniversary Stones for every year of marriage.


1st Anniversary. Gold Jewelry. 2nd Anniversary. Garnet. 3rd Anniversary. Cultured or Natural Pearls. 4th Anniversary. Blue Topaz. 5th Anniversary. Sapphire.