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For sport, see Timeline of South African sport. ... 2 Colonization; 3 Union of South Africa; 4 Republic of South Africa; 5 Post Apartheid; 6 References; 7 See also ...

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Jun 25, 2015 ... A chronology of key events in the history of South Africa from 4th-century migrations to ... 1990: De Klerk dismantles apartheid in South Africa.

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A chronology of key events in the history of South Africa from 4th-century ... Anti- Apartheid icon walks free after 25 years in prison to become a revered ...

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South Africa Historical Timeline. South Africa to the end of Apartheid (1652 – 1993). 1652. Jan van Riebeeck founds the Cape Colony at Table Bay. 1852

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Jun 17, 2016 ... A history of Apartheid in South Africa ... Timelines ... The other main reason for apartheid was fear, as in South Africa the white people are in the ...

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South Africa's interior consists of a hodgepodge of British colonies and ... The National Party introduces apartheid (separateness) measures against blacks, ...

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Travel through our timeline of major events in South Africa's history. 1400s. 1400s. Zulu and Xhosa tribes establish large kingdoms in the South Africa region .

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1910: independent Union of South Africa created with four provinces; Swaziland, .... 1978: A group of Dutch Reformed ministers publicly criticized apartheid.

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Timelines of History: World Timelines, Current and Historical Timelines of the World ... 197Mil BC In 2009 Scientists in South Africa said that a newly discovered ...... 1950 Jan 29, Riots broke out in Johannesburg, South Africa, over Apartheid.

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An overview of Apartheid in South Africa, introduced in 1948 ... was implemented, and how if affected all South Africans is most easily gained through a timeline.

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Apartheid was a time in South Africa between 1948 and 1994 when the government made laws to discriminate against black people. The National Party ruled ...

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Apartheid as an official government policy of racial segregation in South Africa began in the 20th century, but the roots of inequality date back to colonial times in  ...

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Timeline of Apartheid ... 1965- Rhodesia (South Africa) gained its independence. ... 1974- South Africa is expelled from the U.N. because of apartheid.