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How Much Money Should I Give as a Christening Gift? - Budgeting ...


How much you're expected to give as a christening gift often depends on the ... If you shop wisely, you can find something special that will be appropriate without ...

What is an appropriate amount of money give as a christening gift?


The standard amount of money to give as a generous gift for a baby's christening is $50 USD, as of 2014. Monetary gifts in the form of a savings bond or ...

Baptism Gift Etiquette: Options and selection guide - Practical Etiquette


baptism gift etiquette, baptism gift, christening gift, appropriate gift etiquette, gift giving ... are blankets, outfits, age-appropriate eating utensils, and monetary gifts.

Gift Etiquette for a Catholic Christening | People - Opposing Views


A Catholic Christening, or Baptism, is a celebration of a new member in the Church community. It marks the first sacrament ... A Christening gift is an appropriate way to show your happiness to the family. ... Cash is an acceptable option as well.

Proper Baptism Gift Etiquette | People - Opposing Views


You can also purchase toys, blankets, or baby goods such as hampers. Money is a traditional baptism gift, but some families may take offense, so it's a good ...

How Much Money Should I Spend on Gifts for Different Occasions?


Jul 25, 2013 ... Okay, you don't have to get as geeky and precise as that, but just remember that an appropriate gift depends most on what you're comfortable ...

Baptism Etiquette - Baby - LoveToKnow


A baby baptism, most often called a christening, is a formal event during which ... Parents will frequently provide the godparents with an appropriate gift, and the ...

The Grandma Check: How Much Do I Give? | Bankrate.com


The vast majority of grandparents -- 95% -- buy holiday and birthday gifts for ... While an appropriate amount for the grandma check is different for every grandma, ... the thank-you notes, and then go back to giving your monetary gift," she says.

Remind me again about baptism gift to priest - Catholic Answers Forums


Do I give him a monetary gift and also one to the church? .... but we've been told that a gift is appropriate if it's a private baptism (as opposed to ...

What Is an Appropriate Gift or Money Amount for a Baptism from ...


Sep 29, 2010 ... If you are deeply religious and the family as well..head to a Christian Bookstore for a nice baptismal token. It should not be about a gift rather ...

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how much $ for baptism gift? - The Bump


How much do you usually spend on a baptism gift? Or if to give money how much ? ... I would think $100 for nieces/nephews would be an appropriate amount, or $50/75 with another gift I give $50 for close friends and my ...

Please help us choose an appropriate Christening gift. | Ask ...


Please help us choose an appropriate Christening gift. ... We don't want to give money or a savings bond because that seems too impersonal.

How Much Money Should I Give as a Christening Gift? | eHow


Silver lockets, baby rings, embroidered pillows or high-quality satin blankets make appropriate christening gifts that don't cross into religious territory. If you are ...