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African dwarf frogs are commonly found as pets. They first became popular in the 1960s and have spread to the pet trade all over the ...

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I have several African dwarf frogs {Hymenochirus boettgeri}. These make ... I mourned for a week or so, then returned to the pet store to get new frogs. I guess I  ...

How to Take Care of an Aquatic Frog: 13 Steps


How to Take Care of an Aquatic Frog. Aquatic frogs make a fun pet provided you know how to set up their housing and care for them. Fortunately, these frogs are ...

Signs That Your African Dwarf Frog Is Dying | PetHelpful


Feb 22, 2016 ... How to tell whether your African dwarf frog is dying, and what steps you may be able ... deadly amphibian disease that is not uncommon in the pet trade. ... It all started a year and a half ago in late October when my brother and ...

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We have two new african dwarf frogs and one of them is dying. he ... from a real pet store, so we travelled 3 hours before we got them home. ... I did my water readings yesterday, and nitrates and nitrites and ammonia are all 0.

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My gutsy frog, Khan, had attempted to catch the guppies a few times when they came to the bottom of ... ADF's were the first aquatic pet I had.

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Mistaking one underwater frog for another is an easy mistake, but one with consequences. Most aquatic frogs in pet shops belong to two genera, Hymenochirus ...

African Dwarf Frog Housing and Feeding


Please allow one gallon of water per frog. They are not very messy and they don't produce a lot of waste but their food tends to foul up the water more then they ...

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Aquatic frogs are, to most hobbyists, very cute and appealing. On more than one occasion when I've had friends and their kids down to my fish room to pick out ...

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A: African clawed frogs are the most commonly sold albino frogs and are ... Talk to your local pet store owner about the diet of the frog you are purchasing. Read More »
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A: Oct 18, 2010 ... I bought an African Dwarf Frog form a Petco in Union Square in ... is that often employees working at most pet store would rather give you the... Read More »
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Q: I just bought an African Dwarf Frog for my aquarium. I was
A: Are the frogs tested at all in pet stores? Petsmart claims to know nothing even though the CDC has issued a statement to warn customers. Can I test the water? Read More »
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Q: How to Cure Frog Dropsy | Cuteness.com
A: While the condition is often fatal, prompt care can help your pet survive. ... Dropsy is most commonly associated with African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) an... Read More »
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Q: My african dwarf frog and/or betta are making weird noises at ...
A: Oct 22, 2010 ... Pets Fish · Next ... Dwarf frogs are best kept alone and are not very hardy. ... Source(s): african dwarf frog betta making weird noise... Read More »
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