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The climate of the Arctic is characterized by long, cold winters and short, cool summers. There is a large amount of variability in climate across the Arctic, but all  ...


When weather outside gets unusually cold, people sometimes say that the weather is Arctic. Sometimes that is true, because the weather and climate in the  ...


Just like other areas on Earth, a number of factors influence the Arctic climate. Weather and climate depends on a lot of variables, including latitude, temperature, ...


Climate change is faster and more severe in the Arctic than in most of the rest of the world. The Arctic is warming at a rate of almost twice the global average.


Welcome. This website is a portal to recent research related to Arctic climate and climate change at the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of ...


Jun 15, 2017 ... Arctic sea ice is unexpectedly in motion, making the research trip far too dangerous for the ship and the scientists it would be carrying.


This section reports on the Arctic's unique climate and changing regional weather patterns.


Desribes the findings of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report on the impacts global warming is having on the Arctic region.


Apr 6, 2017 ... This story has been updated. There's something special — and very counterintuitive — about the Arctic Ocean. Unlike in the Atlantic or Pacific, ...