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Are metal detectors in school necessary? Are school metal detectors effective? Should all schools have metal detectors to improve school safety?

Pros & Cons of Metal Detectors in Schools | Education - Seattle PI


And according to Hanover Research, installing metal detectors is a form of best practice that allows the school management to be confident that it has done all it  ...

Growing Need for Security Metal Detectors to Protect Schools and ...


Benefits of Security Metal Detectors in Schools. The most obvious benefit of placing metal detectors at school entrances is the immediate detection of weapons ...

Should schools have metal detectors? | Debate.org


Metal detectors in schools will save the lives of students and staff. The metal detectors will act as ... Our number one priority is the safety of our students, right? L

Pros and Cons of Metal Detectors in Schools Reexamined - PTI


Sep 27, 2013 ... The subject of having metal detectors in schools continues to be a sensitive ... While it is good such items are being confiscated, it still poses a ...

Metal Detector In Schools Pros and Cons | APECSEC.org


Dec 29, 2014 ... Without metal detectors, there's no effective security sweep in place to proactively prevent a student from carrying a weapon onto school ...

Impacts of Metal Detector Use in Schools - Education Week


study showed a significant beneficial effect, linking metal detector use to a decrease in the likelihood that students reported carrying a weapon while in school ...

100,000 NYC School Children Face Airport-Style Security Screening ...


Jan 12, 2016 ... Crime in the schools has dropped sharply but New York still requires ... Floyd said the metal detectors are working as an effective deterrent and ...

New York City's schools debate removing metal detectors - LA Times


Nov 22, 2015 ... But there is a growing cry to rid the city's schools of metal detectors, ... in the right direction, keeping our schools safe remains our top priority, ...

Metal Detectors and School Violence - Criminal Justice - IresearchNet


Scared parents and good-hearted educators often see metal detectors as a way to ensure that guns and other weapons do not make it into school buildings.