Statuteedit]. See sections 40 to 43 of the Larceny Act 1861. Section 23 of the Larceny Act 1916 read: 23.-(1) Every person who -.

Armed Robbery: Laws and Penalties | Criminal Law

In most states, “armed robbery” is not a distinct crime. Instead, defendants are charged with a crime known as “aggravated robbery.” Using a dangerous weapon ...

Robbery Overview - FindLaw - Criminal Law

United States law regarding robbery has its roots in the common law that we ... the victim suffers injury, the robbery may be charged as "armed" or "aggravated.


May 5, 2000 ... IMPRISONMENT FOR ARMED ROBBERY. ... Connecticut laws/regulations; ... sentence is for a first-time offender convicted of armed robbery.

Armed Robbery - What Is It? - Criminal Law -

Armed robbery is a theft that is combined with use of force and the presence, pretense, or use of a weapon. It is considered a higher category of offenses relating ...

What are first, second, and third degree robbery? - Criminal Law

Penalties for armed robbery can include jail time of up to fifteen years and probation, and ... The crime also counts as a strike under the state's three strikes law.

Explaining "Robbery" Laws in California | CA Penal Code 211 pc

Arrested for (armed) 'Robbery' under California Penal Code 211 pc? Former DAs (now criminal defense lawyers) explain the laws & how to fight the charge.

18 U.S. Code § 2113 - Bank robbery and incidental crimes | US Law ...

Whoever, by force and violence, or by intimidation, takes, or attempts to take, from the person or presence of another, or obtains or attempts to obtain by extortion ...

Bank Robbery - Bank Robbery Law Resources - LawInfo

Bank robbery, a felony, has three methods: unarmed, armed, and by inference such as receiving, possessing, concealing, storing, selling, disposing or bartering  ...

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