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Epicanthic fold epicanthal fold, epicanthus, and eye fold are names for a skin fold of the upper ... "Modified Z-Epicanthoplasty in the Asian Eyelid". Archives of ...

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Sep 16, 2013 ... When you talk about the shape of an Asian person's eyes, it seems that people are fixated on two separate things: eyelids and epicanthal folds.

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This is one of the most common shape for East Asian eyes, and could be the most ... Upturned protruding hooded tapered Often called “fox” eyes, this eye shape ...

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Oct 13, 1985 ... Q--Is there a theory that explains the evolutionary advantage of the shape of the eyes found among Asian people?A--There is no complete ...

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Also, The farther south you travel in Eastern Asia the "rounder" the eye gets ... Why are Asian eyes referred to as "slanted", and is there a better shape descriptor? ... smoothness caused by fat around the eye socket, and a flatter nose bridge.

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Jul 8, 2007 ... Asian eyes vary because they are adapted to different climates. In the ... their eyeballs look sunken into their skull and the spherical shape of their eyes to stand out clearly. ... The fat causes the eyelid to bulge in high amounts.

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Eyebrow Shapes For Asian Eyes - Perfect Eyebrows ... Liu Wen, Natural Makeup, Cat Eye, Asian Beauty, Asian Eyebrows Shaping, Asian Makeup, Asian Eyes.

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Apr 29, 2015 ... Here are top 10 eyebrow shapes for Asian eyes that work perfectly with Asian features. ... If you have a small face, this would be perfect for you!

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How to shape and trim your eyebrow in a few simple steps. With special tips for Asian eyebrows. ... Eyebrow arch position : Between the outer edge of the pupil and outer corner of the eye. (If your eyes are close together, move the arch of the  ...

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Q: What is the biological significance of the asian eye shape?
A: Since the asian race is older than the caucasian race, maybe the right question is: what is the biological significance of the round eye shape? btw.scientists t... Read More »
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Q: What's the best eyelash curler for the Asian eye shape?
A: Check this out. http://www.bestgrowtheyelashes.com/, they have different eyelash curler to choose from. Read More »
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Q: Why do asians have almond shaped eyes.
A: Genetics. Throughout the years, the people in Asia evolved (through selective breeding) to have this trait that was favorable in the environment they lived in. ... Read More »
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Q: Why do asians have almond shaped eyes.
A: why do asians have almond shaped Read More »
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Q: Why do Asian people's eye shape look so different from white peop...
A: Asian's eyes have extra fatty tissue and a different bone structure than Caucasians, which are likely adaptations to the Read More »
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