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According to a Timex survey, Americans wait on average of 20 minutes a day for the bus or train, 32 minutes whenever they visit a doctor and 28 minutes waiting ...

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Subject: Average time spent waiting. Category: Reference, Education and News > Consumer Information Asked by: diana07-ga. List Price: $50.00 ...

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May 4, 2015 ... The same research puts the time spent on female orgasm at under an .... an average, an American spends 38 hours per year waiting in traffic.

Study puts a dollar value on the time spent waiting for the doctor ...


Oct 5, 2015 ... Based on the average sum a person could earn if working during that time, the researchers figure, it costs patients $43 in lost time for each ...

How much time do people spend waiting in line? - Quora


The average American has been estimated to spend 2 years of their life waiting in line. The estimate was done by Prof. Richard Larson at MIT and the study is...

Not-So-Vital Statistics : Could It Be True That Five Years of Our Lives ...


Jan 15, 1989 ... Since the time spent consuming food and drink must be considered ... that the average homemaker spends more time waiting in line than doing ...

Wait in line: Nearly a year of our life is spent in QUEUES : SWNS


Sep 27, 2012 ... The average adult will spend the equivalent of almost one year of their lives ... to wait will depend on how much stuff they are buying at the time.

Why Waiting in Line Is Torture - The New York Times


Aug 19, 2012 ... The plan worked: the average wait fell to eight minutes, well within ... Roughly 88 percent of their time, in other words, was spent standing ...

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Aug 6, 2009 ... The average British bloke spends all this time grafting at work, ... that this is how long we spend lying awake at night waiting for Mr Sandman.

You Probably Spent 13 Hours on Hold Last Year | TIME.com


Jan 24, 2013 ... You Probably Spent 13 Hours on Hold Last Year ... per week adds up to 780 minutes per year—or 13 hours annually—spent waiting for a ... that the average American's monthly text total recently declined for the first time ever.

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Nov 25, 2015 ... On average people spend one-third of their lives asleep, which is ... The average person throughout their lifetime spends five years waiting in ...

You'll Spend 43 Days On Hold In Your Lifetime, Study Says


Jan 24, 2013 ... That's just a fraction of the 43 days the average person will spend on hold with ... get ticked off at waiting, and 48 percent believe calling a business is useless. ... So the next time you have to place a call to a customer service ...

30 Surprising Facts About How We Actually Spend Our Time


Jan 7, 2015 ... As of 2014, the life expectancy in America is 78.6 years. Divide that up, and this is how the average person spends their lifetime.