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Mar 19, 2017 ... David R. Beck Knifesmith, hand-crafted Custom hunting, wilderness, adventure & survival knives. Tracker knives. WSK knives.


In 2003, needing a new name & the desire to keep it simple & original as our knife, we became the first to coin the name "WSK" or Wilderness Survival Knife to a ...


In on consignment, a previously owned Dave Beck Model C TRACKER / WSK Wilderness Survival knife. This is a Tracker knife pattern that Mr. Beck designed ...

Jul 11, 2014 ... http://www.drbeckknives.com/ This is a brand new survival/bushcraft knife set with a leather, modular sheath system by master knifesmith David ...


Dave Beck WSK Tracker - Custom Knife The HUNTED Survival (The Model "C" WSK ) ... Beck Tracker Knife -The Hunted 2003 ... WIlderness Survival Knife ...


Beck Style WSK's | See more about Weapons, Galleries and Cutlery.


home made tracker knife mahogany wood: hello i' from the philippines and i made this tom tracker survival knife my own version, i can't afford the real thing so i ...


May 18, 2014 ... TOPS Knives Tom Brown Tracker on KnifeRating.com: Knife: TOPS .... It's a David Beck Wilderness Survival Knife(WSK). It's based on the ...


Wilderness Mind ... The Tracker Knife was designed by Tom Brown Jr. to be an all-purpose survival knife. ... Tom found another manufacturer in Dave Beck.


Bark River Knives: Trakker. The 2016 custom Trakker is much more like the original Dave Beck Wilderness Survival Knife than the one we have done previously.