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How to Care for Belly Button Rings
The best way to care for a belly button piercing is to keep it moist and clean throughout the healing process. Splash a belly piercing with cold water, and use a saline rinse regularly to avoid infection with help from an experienced piercer in this free... More »
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Navel piercings typically take four to 12 months to fully heal, but if you take proper care of your piercing, you can make the process go more quickly and...


How to Care for a New Navel Piercing. Getting a new piercing is always a thrilling experience. However, to ensure that your navel piercing remains a satisfying ...


Jan 9, 2015 ... We have all the info you need to ensure that your belly piercing heals as quickly and well as possible, including how to clean a new belly button ...


Jan 18, 2016 ... Navel piercings should heal fairly quickly, if you clean them regularly and follow some do's and don'ts.


3 days ago ... Then use a cotton swab and your cleaning solution to gently wipe the area around your belly button and the ring. Pat the area dry with a clean ...


Wanna a fancy piercing on your belly button? Do you know how it's done? Do you know how to take care of it afterwards? No worries for we get it all covered!

Dec 7, 2008 ... Cleaning a navel piercing involves cleaning it often with antibacterial soap, antimicrobial soap, a saline solution or a homemade sea salt ...
May 4, 2013 ... Doing a sea salt soaking my new bellybutton piercing.


Aug 3, 2006 ... Dear Sugar I've been wanting a belly button piercing for the longest time now, but the only thing I cannot seem to prepare myself for is the ...