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Mar 9, 2017 ... A journey into the dark world of “belly torture” slaves, where the line between fantasy and reality is dangerously blurred.

Dec 11, 2016 ... Okay so i've now officially left '60 Second' territory, but the name is catchy, so it stands. This is a story I keep getting asked about regarding what ...
Oct 25, 2014 ... Young teen Megan takes a Full-Force punch right in the stomach during a stomach punching contest. I have the full download if anybody wants ...


They responded by punching me in the stomach which brought me to ... story: i was getting changed into gym clothes when a jock walked up to ...


A short story about bullying and being bullied. ... the metal chain links of the swing in her left hand, Kelsey delivered a vicious punch to the girl's stomach.


I also enjoy to read both navel and belly punching stories so folks i´m looking forward to read your navel and belly punching stories. NOTE FOR ...


Dec 16, 2016 ... Priyanka Chopra showing off her tummy with pride is a punch in the face of lookism .... MORE. Do you like this story? 8 0. # Priyanka Chopra# ...


May 19, 2015 ... Pregnant woman says Chicago cop punched her in belly and went on racist tirade for laughing at him ... Don't miss stories. Follow Raw Story!


The three-story clapboard structure stood behind me, looking like some sort of hulking ghost in the ... He used his other hand to punch her in the stomach.


all the blood leaves her face as she grabs her stomach “oh wow me and free ... At a party: “ooh spiked punch” guzzle guzzle guzzle “oooh I don't feel so hot” ...