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Bifocals are eyeglasses with two distinct optical powers. Bifocals are commonly prescribed to ... Benjamin Franklin is generally credited with the invention of bifocals. Historians have produced som...

Benjamin Franklin's Inventions - USHistory.org


Bifocals are eyeglasses with an upper and lower half, the upper for distance, and the lower for reading. Bifocals are commonly prescribed to people with ...

Benjamin Franklin Bifocals


Nov 6, 2013 ... Ben Franklin Spectacles - As Benjamin Franklin aged, his vision, which had never been great, deteriorated even further. Like many of the ...

The 'inventor' of bifocals? - The College of Optometrists


US statesman Benjamin Franklin has long been credited with the invention of bifocal spectacle lenses, but whether this is historically accurate or merely a myth  ...

Bifocal Glasses History - Invention of Bifocal Glasses


Fascinating facts about the invention of Bifocals by Benjamin Franklin in 1760.

Ben Franklin and the Bifocal | Medgadget


Jul 22, 2005 ... When you think of medgadgets, maybe eyeglasses don't spring to mind -- probably because they've been around so long, and are so prevalent ...

About Benjamin Franklin: Inventor of the Bifocal Glasses


To learn more about the remarkable life of Benjamin Franklin, we have collected a variety of resources about his life and accomplishments!

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Most people in colonial Pennsylvania were content to do their reading in a simple wooden chair. Ben Franklin, on the other hand, insisted on kicking back in a ...

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Dr. Gary Heiting describes which type of bifocal and trifocal eyeglass lenses best fit your vision ... Bifocal inventor Benjamin Franklin reading a manuscript. Later ...

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Invented by Benjamin Franklin. Bifocals have divided lenses for clearer distant and near vision. The top half of the lens is used to focus on things in the distance,  ...

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Benjamin Franklin-Father of the Bifocal - Antique Spectacles


Adapted from the important key article by Dr. Charles Letocha, also the wonderful book by Dr. John Levene and finally the comprehensive paper (yet ...

Inventions and Achievements of Benjamin Franklin


Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod - iron furnace stove - bifocal glasses and odometer - sp Ben Franklin.

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Some of his inventions, like bifocal glasses, are well-known, while others are more obscure. Of the numerous inventions Franklin created, he did not patent a ...