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Knowing the best time of day to catch trout will ensure an effective and successful fishing trip. Follow these guidelines to maximize your fishing endeavors.


Knowing when to fish will help you catch more fish. Learn the best time to fish and what bait to use according to season, time of day, tides and more.


The best time is early morning for rainbow trout and that goes for almost any fish. But I have a sure fire way to catch them all day if fishing from shore. What I do is ...


When you are talking about the best time to catch brook trout you are talking about two things. You have to discuss the best time of day and the best time of year ...


The time of day or night can have a big affect on the success or otherwise of a fishing trip, here is why.


Mar 31, 2004 ... One of the best lures for high-water trout is a crappie-size spinner-jig, with a 1/4- ounce fluorescent red or green leadhead, a small silver blade, ...


Get tips, tricks and techniques on how to catch trout. ... They live in freshwater, but some trout do spend time out in the ocean and return to freshwater ... The Best Live Bait – Hands down night crawlers are an effective live bait for catching trout,  ...


Rivers with naturally reproducing trout populations sometimes have stricter tackle and bait restrictions, such as "artificial .... This is the best time to fish worms.


The Best Time to Fish for Trophy Lake Trout. What angler hasn't asked the question, "When is the best time to fish for trophy lake trout?" or whatever other fish ...


Mar 28, 2013 ... Any knucklehead can cast a small spinner into an Opening Day pool of freshly- stocked trout and catch a few fish. But if you want to catch trout ...